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Some pills can affect Birth Control. If your ill this can sometimes effect birth control too. You need to speak to a medical professional to find out for definite but its possible malaria pills may affect your birth control.

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Q: Do malaria pills mainly mefloquine affect birth control pills?
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What disease is caused by protozoan?

it mainly causes malaria

Can mefloquine stop a period not on the pill have been sterilised?

Not according to the PDR, but women who might get pregnant or are breast feeding must not handle the mefloquine. There are many drug interactions listed for mefloquine and the side effects seem to be mainly sensory affecting ears, eyes , and touch. However, with these many side effect and interactions, it may very well effect your cycle. Take a pregnancy test to be sure before taking the pill if at all possible.

Why is malaria only a problem in developing countries and not wealthy countries?

Malaria is most present throughout swampy, tropical areas, in which developing countries just happen to be a part of. Another reason is because wealthy countries have mainly kept the spread of malaria under control, virtually eliminating the disease within the nation (this is the same for other diseases, such as measles).

Why does malaria occur mainly in tropical countries?

because you touch yourself at night

Where does cerebral palsy affect?

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Which place in human body malaria affected?

Malaria affects the liver and the red blood cells mainly.The parasite replicates in the liver cells and in the red cells, when enough new parasites have developed the cells burst.Malaria can also affect the kidneys and brain by blocking the blood supply to these organs, when the cells of the liver and red blood cells burst.

Relationship between malaria and mosquitoes?

Some misquitoes in parts of the world give people malaria. ________________________________________________________________________ mainly, you catch malaria from mosquitos that have been infected. they are infected by laying eggs and being born out of dirty water

What animal species are affected by malaria?

Malaria is an infectious disease. It affects mainly mammals but can also infect birds, reptiles, and other species. It can even infect plants.

Why were certain beaches assigned to certain armies on d day?

This was mainly to overcome communications and control problems.This was mainly to overcome communications and control problems.

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Why is it good to kill mosquitoes to control malaria?

Malaria is in fact a plasmodium parasite. These are microscopic organisms called protist. Malaria is an extremely infectious, or communicable, disease. It destroys the red blood cells in your body as they are the reproduction factories of the parasite.Malaria is a very dangerous disease, killing between one and three million people a year, mostly children. Most Malaria cases, however, occur in sub-Saharan Africa.The malaria parasite is spread by the Anopheles Mosquito, which is the only mospuito that can transmit the disease. The Anopheles Mosquito is one of the targets of spraying, along with other mosqitos, mainly ones carrying the West Nile virus.

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What does ITN mean?

An ITN is an insecticide-treated net used mainly in Africa to protect themselves from the mosquitoes that spread malaria.

What deadly diseases did the mosquitoes in Jamestown Carry?

The mosquitoes in Jamestown mainly carried the disease malaria, contributing to the death of a large part of the community's population. Malaria is an infectious disease caused by parasitic protozoans, and the settlers were not equipped to deal with it.

What were the problems of building the Panama Canal?

many accidents and diseases, mainly malaria. 5,500 workers die total from diseas and accident

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What are the dangers to humans who have babesiosis?

Babesiosis is a disease mainly caused by ticks. This disease is similar to malaria and can cause severe anemia.

What was the malaria pills mainly for in the Vietnam War?

Malaria can be a serious disease, and it is spread by mosquitoes very common in tropical Vietnam. To protect our military, Chloroquine Primiequin Quinine was given to our troops each day, along with a quinine pill weekly. That large weekly quinine pill was unpopular among troops because of a common side effect: diarrhea.

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