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Q: Do male Persian cat have black freckles around nipples?
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Do Persian people have black nipples?


Do black people have freckles-?

Yes, black people do have freckles. Morgan Freeman is one movie actor that has freckles.

My cat has black stuff around her nipples is this just dirt or is there something wrong with her?

I don't know what that is mine has it to it looks like a ring of black dots around her nipples

Can a black person get freckles?

No a person of African Desent can not get freckles because their aleols in their skin do not allow any part of their body( except their Penis) to get freckles.

Why nipples are black?

Unless your skin is black, your nipples should not be black also. You may consider going to the doctor if this is problem.

Do black people have freckles?

dont be racist

How many nipples does a black bear have?

There are four pectoral and two inguinal nipples.

Can a girl with freckles dye her hair black?

Yes, but it will make you look really pale. Try a nice red with freckles. I have freckles and red works well with my skin tones.

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What are the black dots on the skin on a bichon?

its their freckles if it is in big splotches

Could you tell me how to remove freckles?

stay in the sun until all the freckles join together and you become black! lol use a pencil eraser!

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If shes mixed with white and black then black

Your female dogs nipples are turning black and has black patches on skin?

If your female dog's nipples are turning black and she has black patches on her skin, this may be normal for her specific breed. If it is not, she may have Black Skin Disease, also known as Alopecia X.

Can black people have pink nipples?


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They are not black but are dark brown. This is normal.

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It has to be Black. All nipples are black in colour.

What dogs have black on their tongues?

It is just pigmentation. They are like freckles or birth marks on humans

What was located outside the Persian empire by the Black Sea and Caspian sea?

Scythia was located outside the Persian Empire, by the Black and Caspian seas.

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black women and mexicans

What is the colour of VidyaBalan breasts nipples?


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the Persian Gulf.

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How did the Persian government and ancient Greece have their differences and similarities?

The Persian Empire was ruled by a king and his council, with its provinces ruled by Persian governors supervising the local governments. The Greek world was comprised of a couple of thousand independent city-states spread around the Mediterranean and Black Seas.