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All Guinea pigs make meeping/purring sounds. I have two girls and two boy guineas (in separate hutches) and you can hear the boys talking to the girls and vica versa

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 01:20:06
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Q: Do male guinea pigs make purring sounds too?
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What happens when a male guinea pig makes noises at another nale guinea pig?

When it sounds like purring it is usually a dominance thing, but you may want to check the gender of your could be this but it could also mean that they are just interacting with each other

What does it mean when a male guinea pig coos?

Generally speaking, all guinea pigs (male and female) make different sounds to indicate happiness, or distress. A coo is typically a good sound in the guinea pig world, as a piggie in distress will make a very shrill shreiking whistle.

Do male cicadas make sounds?

Apparently, only male cicadas make sounds.

What are some signs guinea pigs are going into heat?

The female will arch her back when ready for mating or lay down next to a male and vibrate with a purring sound.

Can a male guinea pig turn into a female?

NO!! when that seems to happen, your guinea pig is female one day and male the next, its nothing more than the fact that male and females' private places are similar. When I tried to figure the gender of my baby guinea pigs, it took a while, but male guinea pigs always make chattering sounds and wobble back and forth on hind legs while sniffing the females rear end.

How do you make a pregnant guinea pig?

Keep them with a male guinea pig. Be careful because sometime the male with harrass the female.

How do you know if a bug is male or female?

by who they mate with and what sounds they make by who they mate with and what sounds they make

How do you make a female guinea mate with a male guinea?

Try to put them in a small cage together.

What clothes can you make for a male guinea pig?

shirts and hats...

What noises do male guinea pigs make?

a purring sound called "rumblestrutting" as they circle and purr around females. they tend to "chatter" with their teeth as a sign of annoyance or aggression around other males. both genders "weet" when upset, afraid, hungry, or wanting other attention.

Male guinea pig?

A male guinea pig is called the "boar"

What does it mean if a guinea pig makes noises?

It depends. Guinea pigs make all different kinds of noises depending if they are happy or scared. Wheeking: means feed me. they either know food is coming or they're hungry. Rumbling: when a male is trying to romance a female. Shrieking: sounds like a wheek, only more high pitched. it means they are afraid or in pain. Purring: means pleasure. Teeth Chattering: upset or angry. Mutter/Chut: meaning relaxed, happy, and content Whining: Just like it sounds, complaining Chirping: no one really knows why they do this or what it means.

If there is not a female guinea pig in heat can you still put two male guinea pigs together?

only if you belive they can but i think no because you need a female and a male to make you!!

What do you call the male guinea fowl?

The male guinea pig is called Boar

Can mother guinea pig make baby by them self?

No. Like most mammals, the mother has sex with a male guinea pig.

Why don't guinea pigs yawn?

Guinea pigs do yawn in fact....Usually they yawn because they are surrendering a fight involving a male guinea pig. But it does not mean they are sleepy. Before males start to fight they try to intimidate each other by purring ( a deep sound with trills , Not like a cat) Then the loser of the fight yawns which means they are conceding. Hope I helped :)

How does the male lovebird attract a female lovebird?

He make sounds.

Is it better to have a male guinea pig with another male guinea pig or a female with a male?

Is it better to have a male guinea pig with another male guinea pig or a female with a male? It is better to have two female Guinea Pigs, than they won't fight and reproduce. If you have a male and a female they will have baby guinea pigs and you will have to many to look after. Guinea pigs need a lot of space to move around. If you have two males they will fight and hurt each other. (most likely)

What is a guinea pig male called?

A male Guinea Pig is called a boar.Females are called sows.Boars.The term for a male guinea pig is a boar.

Can my male guinea pig get pregnant?

No it is a male it is simply impossible for a male guinea pig to get pregnant

What is the name of a male guinea pig called?

A male guinea pig is referred to as a Boar.

Will your 2 separated male guinea pigs get depressed?

Two male guinea pigs will probably not get depressed because if you have 2 male guinea pigs, they will usually not get along.

Why does my female Guinea Pig keep licking or sniffing my male Guinea Pig's behind?

It wants to mate with the male Guinea Pigs\

How do you tell the gender of guinea fowl?

The simplest way to tell is vocalization. The females make a two toned call whereas the boys only make a one tone call. The males are usually larger and have a larger helmet. The females can make all the same sounds as the male, but the male cannot make the 'buck-wheat"sound that the female makes.

Can a female guinea pig get pregnant without a male?

No! It is not possible without a male Guinea Pig.