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Do male mice give birth?

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No, It is not possible. Mice can fertilize only having sex with female.

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Do Rats Give Birth To Mice?

Rats give birth to rats. Mice are another specie.

How do mice give birth?

Mice are mammals

Do male hyenas give birth?

No, male hyenas do not give birth. The female gives birth.

How do pet mice give birth?

you just get a male mouse and a female mouse from different familys and put them in the same cage...C.S.C.

Can a male naked mole rat give birth or the females?

male do not give birth. ever.

Do rat birth mice?

Yes, rats give live birth.

Can male kangaroos give birth?

No. Kangaroos are mammals, and no male mammals (or any other vertebrates) give birth. Only the females give birth.

If a mouse give birth once a month to 12 mice at a time and each mice can reproduce after 2 months how many mice will you have in 10 months?

In twelve months a mice will give birth to only one hundred mice. Think about one thousand one hundred and and ten mice that impossible

When do black stallions give birth?

a "stallion" is a male horse so a male can't give birth to offspring.

How do male peacocks give birth to baby peacocks?

Male Peacocks are unable to give birth to baby peacocks.

Do male dwarf hamsters give birth?

Male hamsters, no matter what type, never give birth. It is biologically impossible.

Can male dogs give birth? this a serious question? No obviously, male mammals CANNOT give birth as far as I know only male seahorses can

How many eggs do mice lay?

None. Mice give birth to live young and do not lay eggs.

How does seahorse give birth?

The male does

Can a male hamster give birth?


How long does it take for mice to give birth and do they give birth a t a particular time of day?

Mice tend to give birth about 3 weeks after getting pregnant however my mouse gave birth SIX weeks after pregnancy so be patient. They do not give birth at any particular time or day but usually when they are uninterrupted which is probably night. :)

Can male penguins give birth?

No animals give birth-and penguins lay eggs.

Can male hamsters give birth?

No they cannot. Only the female hamster give birth to the live young. Sea horse males are the only male animal to give birth instead of the female!

Can a mouse be pregnant?

Mice are mammals, and therefore give birth to live offspring. So yes, they will be pregnant before they give birth.

Can a man give birth to a baby?

as of 2016, A cisgender male (a person born with male reproductive organs) cannot give birth to a baby, however many transgender males are able to give birth.

Do you need a male and female guinea pig to give birth?

Well obviously, you cant have a male and a male giving birth could you!!

Do male hamsters give birth?

what do you think!!??

Do male zebras give birth?

erm... no

Is mice male or female?

Mice can be male or female. Mice simply refers to the plural of mouse.

Do male and female dolphins give birth?

Only female dolphins give birth. Although male Bottle-Nosed Dolphins will have sex with other male Bottle-Nosed Dolphins.