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Yes, because they're dangerous. People always hunt wild and aggressive animals. :)


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Humans and other lions hunt lions.

Man, lions, hyena, and wild dogs. Lions, hyena, and wild dogs may hunt and kills elephants, but it is for food. Man hunts elephant for sport.

Lions usually hunt at night

lions hunt in night becuase in daytime is when lions hunting thier ower prey but in night lions do hunt

Lions hunt in their habitat of the African savanna.

lions don't hunt. Lionesses do.They learn when they are teenagers.

Lions hunt only when they are hungry and feel they are in danger.

Lions find their prey following them whether they the Serengeti the lions hunt but oddly enough when his mate is with cub to be born is when he will hunt. The lion with no mate will hunt all the time and the female lions hunt in groups too.

lions hunt because they need to find prey so they can eat

depends if they are hunting lions

The male lions can and will hunt if necessary when the female lions need help to bring down a bigger prey. The female lions will hunt the majority of the time.

NOT for FOOD, But to keep them from EATING THEIR FOOD.Lions do not hunt cheetahs. On the contrary, lions and cheetahs are both preying animals. They hunt other small mammals such as gazelles and antelopes.

All lions hunt. Female lions usually hunt cooperatively, male lions prefer to hunt alone. In a pride - female lions do most of the hunting whereas males help in bringing down large prey like cape Buffalo, giraffe etc. To answer your question in one word - Yes the female lions hunt more than male lions

In the evenings lions go out and hunt for their pray.

They can search for (hunt for) food but they do not hunt like lions or wolves.

Lions hunt in their prides, or groups. They stalk their prey while low to the ground. They like to hunt at night because the animals have a harder time seeing them, but lions actually see better at night. Lions hunt usually in their territory, where zebras and wildbeasts stay. The females hunt, while the males protect their territory. When lions hunt, the stay in the plains, practicly invisible, because of their camoflouged fur.

Lions learn from their parents how to hunt and survive.They would learn how to hunt, and how to live by themselves

Yes! They hunt them for their skin:(

When they are hungry. most of them hunt at night

lions hunt at night mostly female lions hunt they eatwildbeests,zebras,and buffalo it takes a group of lions to take down a buffalo adult lions will eat there cubs or others if there is food promplems

Lions, hyenas, and wolves hunt together. Bears hunt alone.

Lions stay with mom for 2 years so they are 2 years old when they hunt with the pride.

they behave like lions as they hunt falcons hunt to

only the lions hunt in packs

lions hunt deer it is a carnivore

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