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Sea Urchins

Do manatee eat sea urchins?

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sea otters eat sea urchins

Humans, sea otters, and many more sea creatures eat sea urchins

Manatees eat sea grass. manatee= sea cow, and cows eat grass!

Sea urchins eat seaweed,algae and bits of plants and animals.

starfish , snails, eels, birds, fish, sea otters eat sea urchins

well sea urchins eat sea weed and they also eat algae so yea

No. Sea urchins are primary consumers and only eat sea weed, algae and kelp.

Sea Urchins eat kelp forests, but sea otters help the forest because they eat the sea urchins.

Sea Otters find sea urchins on the ocean floor and break it open with a rock. It will then eat everything except the spines (the insides).

Sea urchins eat endlessly as long as there is food they are eating. They eat the algae growing in slat water tanks and the ocean.

Urchins eat algae, a plant. They have no prey.

Sea Urchins eat mostly algae, but they also eat mussels, sponges, brittle stars, and crinoids.They are Omnivores

Green Sea Urchins eat plankton, algae, small fish, mussels, sponges, and brittle stars.

sharks eat sea urchins

Yes sea urchins are herbivores because they eat kelps. Kelp is a kind of plant.

they eat algae and other stuff

Sea otters are secondary consumers. This because sea urchins are primary and sea otters eat sea urchins.

Sea Urchins eat hard coral.

because its their food, they usually eat shellfish and fish

Answer If you are brave enough to eat sea a urchin's eggs, then yes.

Nope, I believe not.

The different crabs that eat sea urchins include (but are not limited to): king crab, decorator crab, hermit crab and many more.

Sea Urchins eat small fishes so it can be a carnivore but it eats algae and I think they are omnivores they eat many things or animals.

sea urchins eat eaten by crabs, sunflower stars, snails, sea otters some birds, some fish and people...