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Yes Because American Express charges a higher interchange rate than the other card networks. For example American Express Charges 3.5% for all restaurant transactions. The lowest rate for this in Visa would be 1.19%, with the Highest being 2.4%

While American Express charges may be higher, the dispute resolution process is a significant deterrent for merchants. If a card holder files a dispute on a transaction, the merchant must endure a resolution process that is stacked against them. American Express requires the merchant to check their account everyday to respond to customer disputes (they will not notify you). If you do not respond in the short amount of time allotted, you lose the dispute (and the money associated with it).

In sum, AMEX has higher fees, longer wait times for funds, horribly unfriendly policies, and an unfair dispute resolution process that almost never goes in favor of the merchant.

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Q: Do many businesses not accept American Express because of their fee structure?
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