Do matches light because of fricction?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: Do matches light because of fricction?
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Why do people wear light blue shirts and khakis?

Because it matches, and they like the way it looks.

Why do matches light?


Why does a burnt match curl up?

Matches are used in order to light fires. Burnt matches curl up because the structural integrity of the match is compromised as it burns.

How does fricction effect the movement of object?

It provides a force in the direction opposite to the objects motion thus slowing it down.

Ignition of matches a chemical or physical change?

chemical change because there is release of heat, light and energy.

Why do people wear light blue shirts and khakis pants?

Because it matches, and they like the way it looks.

What are safety matches?

matches u need to use a special striker to light them

What do you do with the matches in Cryptids in Poptropica?

with the matches eventually you'll get a lanturn need the matches and to light it when you look for the jersey devil

How do you say matches in German?

matches (if two things are the same) = Übereinstimmungen matches (to light a cigarette with) = Streichhölzer / Zündhölzer

Why are safety matches safe?

Safety matches are not exactly safe but are "Safer" that standard matches as they will not light in unforseen situations such as in your pocket.

What do you light the matches with on cryptids island?

You USE the matches from your item bag. The matches are used to light the Lantern that you get from the monastery in the Himalayas. You need the lantern to go through the dark forest in New Jersey.

What element is known as the bringer of light and is on the tip of matches?

Sulphur is the material used on the tips of matches. They used to be known as Lucifer matches.