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Do measles recur?

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What is Measles?

Measles is fortunately a disease that is not seen often secondary to the MMR vaccine that is given to children at the ages of 15 months and 4-6 years of age. This entity is

Who get measles?

you get them from getting sick. ex: like getting the chicken pox.

How do you get the measles?

You get measles my coming in contact with someone who is infected.They are transmitted through droplets which leave the body duringcoughing or sneezing.

Why is measles called measles?

The name "measles" is probably derived from the middle English word, maseles (plural mesels ), which means spot.

How you get measles?

Measles is tranmitted by breathing in viruses that are airborne.

How you get a measles?

The measles is caused by a type of virus called Paramyxovirus. It is spread through the tiny droplets that may spray into the air when a person carrying the virus sneezes or c

What is recurence?

Recurrence means happening or taking place again.

What is recuring theme for?

To re-express or confirm the theme (thought of philosophy) that the writer wishes to convey. This desire to re-express may be because the writer wishes to impress it upon the
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How do you spell recurred?

That is the correct spelling of "recurred" (occurred again).
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Can you get measles if you have had German measles?

Most likely not because a woman had cow pox in an experiment and was then given the small pox disease and never got it. Wow i did learn something from my Honors Biology teache
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How is measles similar to German measles?

German measles is somewhat a higher type of measles infection thatusually affects adults that have been previously affected withmeasles. This is still a communicable disease b
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How do you get measles?

Measles is a 'communicable' disease - meaning that you have to bein physical contact with someone already infected in order to getthe disease yourself.