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They get more seeds to plant


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You can not rob other Moshi Monsters members.

No, you can not send moshlings to other members on Moshi Monsters.

You might see them on the street and your monsters might talk. You can also post on the Moshi Monsters Forums to talk to other Moshi Monsters members.

No. Buster Bumblechops is a non-playable character on Moshi Monsters. You can only be friends with other Moshi Monsters users/members.

Your Moshi Monster will automatically talk to other monsters when out and about in Monstro City.

no cause i don't think that many moshi monsters get crazy like other moshi member monsters do

no because the other stores are only for moshi members.

Yes, you need to be a member to use the Pinboard to message other Moshi Monsters members.

There are many members who have Wooly on Moshi Monsters. You can visit other member's Moshling Zoo to see which moshlings they have.

On Moshi Monsters, you can use any two other plants to get Roxy the moshling as long as you have the Radiant Roxy Rose.

You can not steal Rox from other members on Moshi Monsters. Even if it were possible, it would be against the rules and you would lose your Moshi Monster account.

Moshi Monsters does not provide an email box for members. To communicate with other Moshi Monsters you use the Pinboard. If Moshi Monsters is telling you to access your email box, you use the email account you entered when registering for Moshi Monsters. In some cases, this could be your parent's email.

On moshi monsters, you have to do a super moshi mission! Only for members like I am! By the end of the year, if you are a member, all the noises will be in your moshling zoo! Glad To Help You! Add me on moshi monsters, I am lucy123123321 I am on level 13 with 26 moshlings!

The main way to send messages to other members on Moshi Monsters is by using the Pin Board which is located in each Moshi Monsters member's room. You can also post messages on the Moshi Monsters Forums. Note that messages posted to the Forums are public and can be seen by any Moshi Monsters member.

There are various ways to get the poster codes on Moshi Monsters. You can get some of the codes when you purchase Moshi Monsters items. Some codes are given as prizes. Some of the codes that can be used by all Moshi Members are listed in other questions.

There is no other way to get General Fuzuki besides planting plants.

There is no Carly moshling in Moshi Monsters. Also, there is no other character found on Moshi Monsters that is called Carly.

Secret codes can be found in items such as Moshi Monsters books, Moshi Mash Up cards and other Moshi Monsters merchandise.

You can't fight other Monsters in Monstro City. Moshi Monsters are, on the whole, friendly. :-)

The yellow sign with an M on it on the Moshling Zoo door and other places on Moshi Monsters means that place is only available to paid Moshi Members. Free Basic Members do not have access to anything that has that symbol on it.

The only communication you have with other Moshi Monsters members is to write them a message on their pinboard. If you want to email the Moshi Monsters team, then go to the "Contact Us" page or send an email to:

There is no moshling or other character named Timbo on Moshi Monsters.

No, it is not possible to give Rox to other monsters on Moshi Monsters.

You can not send Rox to other people on Moshi Monsters.

There are two seed carts on Moshi Monsters. The Seed Cart on Main Street is available to all members. The Super Seeds Cart in the Port is only available to paid members. Some of the new Moshlings need a special seed which you need a code to get. Each code has a different requirement, but you usually have to make a purchase to get the code.

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