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Well i suppose theres not really one answer to this as every guy is different. But speaking personally I prefer it when my girlfriend makes alot of noise. It shows that shes enjoying it (unless you'er good a faknig it of course). Again this will differ between men but the louder and more vocal my girlfriend is the more i enjoy it and sometimes it even speeds the process up.

answer: if women fake an orgasm sound to boost someones ego then maybe their the ones who are really insecure. the fact that they think they need to that to lift their own self esteem is really sad. in my experience i haven't heard one yell all that much; in fact its me that makes more noise,but that's fine with me as long as I'm having fun. if they feel the need to do it for ulterior motives then that's their problem.

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Should you lick her vagina during intercourse?

Yes, many women do like this.

Is it mandatory to bleed for a women during intercourse?

I assume you mean when you have intercourse for the first time and the answer is no, it is not. This is a myth, just like it's been said it hurts for all the first time.

Why don't some women have any secretions during intercourse?

All women have secretions during sex if she is aroused. One thing you can do is to give her a orgasm before you enter. Also a good idea since few women orgasm during the actual intercourse. Not enough time is spent or the parts needed to orgasm is not touched the right way. Sometimes a woman can be dry due to hormonal changes like after childbirth or menopause.

I am a 16 year old girl and you want to have intercourse with a women what do you do?

you ask girls if they like girls. just say this: "i was wondering if you like women... and if you do, then do you like me?"

Burning during intercourse?

Sounds like you are not naturally lubricated and aroused enough.

What do it feel like during vagina intercourse?

it feels f@#%!ng amazing!!!!

Can you have intercourse on your last day of your periods?

You can have intercourse at any time you like during your menstrual cycle. As long as sex is consensual, legal, safe, and you use contraception.

Is a curved penis painful for women during intercourse?

=it depends if ur dick is curved alot or just a little bit. Women dont like curve dicks .I kno ive had experience.==it depends if ur dick is curved alot or just a little bit. Women dont like curve dicks .I kno ive had experience.=

Why do girls not enjoy intercourse?

We do! trust me. Just like men, women don't always enjoy sex. We like it as much as you guys do though.

How many time a normal woman take to discharge during penis and vaginae intercourse?

Not very many women discharge when they orgasm, like men do. When they come, they kind of shudder all over and usually groan, but they don't ejaculate at all. There are a few women that do, but it is rare. Did you mean to ask how long does it take women to have an orgasm from vaginal intercourse? The answer is that most women don't orgasm that way, unless they are on top and can control the action to their satisfaction. Most women orgasm best when you use your mouth on their clitoris and your hand in their vagina.

If a women has had a big penis will she like a smaller one later?

Generally most men's penises are about the same size. Most women could not care less over an inch or two in penis length. Many women prefer smaller penises because they find them more comfortable during sexual intercourse.

What women feel during sex?

during sex a woman feels sort of like a pinch or a tug because the hyem rips or tears which causes a woman to bleed after intercourse, yes it is painful after the first couple of times especially for a virgin but afterwards it feels good

If have intercourse with a women can you tell if she has had intercourse with another male?


Can you urinate while having intercourse?

For men generally no. And for women yes it is possible. Although during sex for a women stimulation of the g-spot can cause femal ejaculation which can feel like the sensation of you needing to pee. During this time if you relax the ejaculate will come out through your urethra. This should not be mistaken for urine and at this time the ducts to your bludder are closed and you cannot urinate.

Why does girl feel like pressing breast during intercourse?

It might help her feel more pleasured by the intamacy.

Do conure parrots have vocal chords?

Conure Parrots do not have vocal chords like a human. Conure Parrots have vocal folds in a structure called the syrinx, not in the laranyx like a humans does.

Do girls like big or small penises?

There is no general preference that all women have across the board. There is just as much variety in that as there is in shape and size. Aside from personal preference, a particular woman's physiology can also be a factor. Some women find large penises an inconvenience, since they hurt them during the intercourse.

How do you pronounce hormones?

Hawr-mohn It sounds like Hor=Whore Mone=Moan(like male or females moan during sexual intercourse)

Your period is due you had intercourse during ovulation you have light pinkishbrownish discharge today only Are you pregnant?

sounds like implantation

Is it biologically possible that during intercourse a man and a woman can become stuck together like dogs?

There are no such case in the medical literature.

Does the female juices flow out of the vagina during intercourse?

It's not like a waterfall. It's in there and can drop out but it comes out when the penis is going in and out.

Does women discharge like men during sex?


Where are the vocal cords found?

Your vocal cords are inside your larynx. What you sound like when you speak or sing is partly determined by the thickness of your vocal cords.

What did women do at home during world war 1?

women cleaned pots and dishes they didnt like it

Is it normal to have sharp stabbing like pains in your vagina during intercourse?

It is certainly not desirable, but can often occur due to deep penetration.