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No they are coupled with others. Look at cellular respiration...

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Q: Do metabolic reactions occur in isolation?
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In digestion which is a prelude to metabolism which of the following occur?

Chemical reactions occcur metabolic reactions occur

Why do most metabolic reactions occur in water?

metabolic reactions are basically vital chemical reactions that must occur within a cell, in order for it to survive. for a chemical reaction to occur, the molecules that constitute the chemicals must be dissolved in a solvent. water is a universal solvent and is highly abundant in organisms. it is for this reason, that many metabolic reactions occur in water.

Specific metabolic occur within each organelle?


Which repersents the collection of chemical reactions that occur in a cell?

We call this collection of chemical reactions metabolic reactions or metabolism.

Would metabolic reactions occur without enzymes?

Yes, they would still occur but at a slower rate.

What chemicals is needed in order for the metabolic reactions of photosynthesis to occur?

Carbon dioxide is one chemical that is needed in order for the metabolic reactions of photosynthesis to occur. The first stage of photosynthesis is a light reaction where energy from light is captured.

Metabolic reactions can produce?

Metabolic reactions can produce

The rate at which chemical reactions occur in the body is known as?

The rate of Metabolism, or metabolic rate.

What are the two types of metabolic reactions that occur inside the body?

Cellular Respiration and Fatty Acid Metabolism.

What is two types of metabolic reactions?

The two types of metabolic reactions are anabolism and catabolism.

What are the chemical reactions in your body called?

Metabolic reactions

What speeds up metabolic reactions?

Enzymes, which act as catalyst, speed up the rate of metabolic reactions.

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