Do miracle growth grow bigger than regular fertilizer?


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actually it does grow faster but it also makes the plants unhealthy.

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Miracle Grow is simply a fertilizer. It is easy to apply as it is diluted in water. It serves to provide nutrients to your plants, encourage growth, and increase production of flowers and fruit.

Store bought and natural fertilizers are both believed to assist plant growth. The type of plant depends on what type of fertilizer is best. Miracle gro is a store bought fertilizer and cow manure is a natural fertilizer.

fertilizer will increase the growth of agae because fertilizer helps plants grow and algae is a plant.

Insufficient fertilizer in plants can cause deficiency symptoms and slow plant growth. Excess fertilizer, meanwhile, can lead to salinity problems.

The dependent variable is the growth that depends upon (or results from) the application of fertilizer. The independent variable is the fertilizer itself.

just paint it on your nails like regular nailpolish but apply it everyday for a week

An independent variable is the variable in the experiment that affects the other variable. For example, in an experiment that tests the affect of the amount of fertilizer on plant growth, the amount of fertilizer is the independent variable and the plant growth is the dependent variable. This is because the plant growth DEPENDS on the amount of fertilizer.

Yes,it could effect the growth of plants

A fertilizer with organic matter and high phosphorus is best when planting the bulbs. Then after the flowers bloom, you can use a light fertilizer, but don't use a high nitrogen fertilizer because it will promote too much foliage growth and thwart the bloom growth.

The fertilizer stimulates the microbial growth which further alters the structure of soil microbial community and increases enzyme activity. Bacterial growth is particularly influenced by the type of fertilizer supplied while fungal growth only responds to the amount of fertilizer provided.

lack of water and fertilizer would not change the growth

Phosphates do. They are an effective fertilizer.

Fertilizer supplies plants with nitrogen and various nutrients based on the type of fertilizer which plants need for growth. It doesn't provide electrolytes however.

Fertilizer does help plant growth it helps the plants to get the vitamins and nutrients it needs.

Plant growth will increase when fertilizer is added, in as much as the plant is deficient in the nutrients the fertilizer provides. Most processes in nature has a bell-shaped to its function where too much, even of a good thing, can begin to do harm.

population growth means the population gets bigger and bigger

Fertilizer and plant growth hormones

Yes, water, and fertilizer.

It depends on what fertilizer you are using, as each has different effects. Manure reduces growth time by 3 days, ItRocks by 2 days and K fertilizer by 1 day.

Organic fertilizer is a natural based fertilizer used to help plants grow. Many organic fertilizers use all natural oceanic substances like fish guts and seaweed. Organic fertilizer is one of two kinds of fertilizers. As you know, organic fertilizers use organic substances, where Miracle Gro, uses some unnatural substances that help increase your plant's growth unnaturally. That is what organic fertilizer is.Farm animal manure, plant matter, seaweed, peat moss, fish waste, etc.

NPK is fertilizer. It comes as a ratio of the amount of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) is in the fertilizer mixture. Fertilizer is added to crops when they are seeded to help in growth.

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