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More people actually participate in fishing than football.

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Q: Do more people do football or fishing?
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Is it true that more people go fishing than watch football?

No, more people watch Football every year than go fishing. Fishing is a hobby while watching football is considered a necessity for some men out there.

Which one is the most popular football or fishing?

2 billion people watch and play football but only about 3-4 million people go fishing and so football is more popular

Is football more popular than fishing UK?

on my opinion i would say that fishing is more populour beacuse there are more people who have the ability to fish than football example people with 1 leg ... or old people what do you think they would prefere

Which is more popular - fishing or football?

To watch, clearly football. To play/do, still football.

Why is football more popular than fishing in the you?

i think that possibly football is more popular than fishing

Why is football more popular then fishing?

Fishing is really boring on TV. Football is awesome!!!!!

What is more poplier football or fishing?

According to the CountrySide Alliance Poll Fishing is more popular than football.

Which is most played fishing or football?

Football,more teams with alot of players playing. most deffinatly football cuz fishing is boring and more dangersouse and annoying and smelly fish with deasies ... i think fishing is better coz it is cool and u can cook ur own dinner but i wouldent gut them :) baby_girl_evie Yeh But id Much rather watch and play football than havein to go fishing couse it stinks lol really bad as well it blows Melly bascklie it suckes baby_girl_evie Yeh my hair blows to it never stayes in place lol Mels

What is more popular fishing or football?

have you been to the world fishing cup? if so you will think fishing is better

Why is football better than fishing?

it is more entertaining than football because most fishing trips end in dieing because some people drown the water or there MIGHT be sharks.

Football more popular than fishing?

The answer to this question will vary depending upon where in the world you are geographically, and also upon what you mean by 'popular'. Football has more spectators, but more people regularly go fishing than actually play football, so which sport is most 'popular' could be answered correctly by quoting either football OR fishing: both answers would be correct, under different circumstances.

Is football more popular then fishing?