Do mosquito fish eat duckweed?


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Yes, mosquito fish eat duck weed

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They can eat duckweed, elodea or algae.

Most fish do not eat duckweed.

Only Carps eat duckweed, such as Goldfish and Koi. Danios do not. Hope that helped. :)

Fish do feed on mosquito larvae.

Mosquito fish are fish that will eat mosquito larva as fast as they can hatch. This is what a female fish looks like: And this is what a male mosquito fish looks like:

The role of a mosquito fish is to eat mosquito's.

A mosquito fish mainly feeds on mosquito larvae in the wild but in captivity a mosquito fish eats it's fry or leaves off of plants

Mosquito fish are opportunistic omnivores; so if the opportunity to eat algae came along, they would likely eat algae.

No. A mosquito drinks blood from humans and animals ONLY.

A mosquito fish is a consumer. It is consumer because it eats elodea or other plants. Mosquito fish are herbivores. Meaning they only eat plants.

Yes, ducks eat duckweed but not only ducks, deer, elephants, pigs, and bobcats also eat duckweed.

no they love earthworms

yes they do, matter of fact! ducks eat duckweed!!

no. only mosquito fish do.

No, decomposers break down bacteria and waste such as mushrooms. Mosquito fish are consumers because they eat producers.

Most fish will gladly to eat the larvae.

Painted turtles eat fish, worms, insects, water lettuce, water hyacinth, and duckweed.

If the growing conditions of duckweed are hygienic, then humans can eat duckweed in soups or salads. In East Asia, people do include it in their cooking. Usually, duckweed grows in ponds or rivers.

Yes, bettas are suitable fish for planted tanks. Unlike some fish they will not dig up, eat or damage plants.

tadpoles nibble on duckweeds so in other words, yes, they do eat duckweed.

Some species of aquatic snail eat duckweed. Others do not.

Algae, if that counts as a plant.

Guppies and their fries, their babies, eat mostly - Duckweed, Elodea, and Algae.I hope this helps!

yes, most fish that eat fish flakes eat any type i have over 10 types of fish in a tank and they all eat tetra flakes

yes,they will eat anything. they are like pirhance.we dont feed ours.we just let them

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