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yes most boys do wear boxers when they are above the age of 10 or 11

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Do most boys prefer briefs or boxers?

Boxers: boxers are hot and more athletic If a girl is going to see me in just my underwear, then I chose briefs to show over my butt. If it is just me showing off to the guys, then boxers are more comfortable and most boys wear boxers

Should boys wear boxers?

There is no reason why boys should not wear boxers.

What are some reasons that boys wear boxers?

Boys wear boxers because that's their underwear. Just like girls wear knickers, boys wear boxers.

Who is the most famous designer of boys boxers?

There are lots and lots of famous designers of boys boxers out there but the most famous designers out there would probably be the creators of famous clothing brands like Calvin Klein or even Andrew Christian.

What age does boys wear boxers?


Can you get a disease from wearing a boys clean boxers?


Is it advisable to sleep with underwear?

You should sleep any way that you feel comfortable. Most boys sleep in boxers

Why do boys go commando?

cause boxers get annoying..

What choice of boys in gift..etc?

boys love when girls get them boxers or colone

Which ten boxers earned most money?

Which boxers earned most money?

Should emo boys wear boxers or underwear?


Why do boys sleep in boxers?

Because they are comfortable and not annoying to sleep in

What underwear should boys at aged 11 wear?


What do more men wear briefs or boxers?

American men wear briefs - about 10 to 1 over boxers. Umm No that's not right.. Most boys wear boxers..briefs are called tighty whities in America. And tighty whities wearers get wedgied all the time.

Do most teenage boys wear boxers?

DETAIL OF ANSWER : Yes most teenage boys wear boxers also trunks (boxers without buttons) hipsters (small boxers that only cover the hip area etc)previous answer reply : if boxers arnt comfortable maybee you should try hipsters or trunks hipsters would be a one to try cause they will feel more comfortable in that area but yes most lads wear boxers cause there ''manly''PREVIOUS ANSWER :I'm 14 and I sure don't, they drive me up the wall! They don't give you any support at the front and I can't stand the ride-up at the back, I was always having to pick them out. I've just got to wear pants, especially on days when I've got PE. Other boys in my class wear boxers though, they don't seem to mind it as much as I do, and I do get teased in the changing room for wearing pants.

Can girls wear boys boxers?

Yes. If you should is a different question.

What does in mean when a girl steals a boys boxers to sleep in?

it means she has nothin to sleep in

Should a kid wear boxers?

Yes, if they want to, most of their friends will be wearing boxers

What underwear do teenagers wear?

boys wear boxersgirls wear panties or thongs

Why do boys wear boxers?

Because they find it more comfortable with underwear that are less restrictive.

What do teenage boys wear in bed?

Feety pjs, of course! not they don't they wear boxers

Do girl wear boys under wear?

If they are boxers sometimes, because they are maybe dating.

Are any boxers Muslim?

There are many boxers from a Muslim background. The most famous of Muslim boxers was the world heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali.

Do girls like tight or loose boxers on boys?

Well it depends also on your body type, i would prefer a boy with regular jockey boxers..they look good..!

At what age do most boys start wearing boxers?

its up to your decission im 16 and i wear briefs ive worn them for my whole life its up to your own decision i know a guy who was wearing boxers sice he was 2 but its up to you whatever is comfortable on your penis