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It depends, if a horse hasn't won many races throughout it's racing career it might go to slaughter but if they've won lots and are still strong, they will be sent to stud farms or elite riding schools

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Where do thoroughbred horses live?

Thoroughbred horses are found on farms throughout Kentucky. There are also found in every state in the United States and in other countries. They live wherever an owner who loves thoroughbred horses lives.

Where do sheep lives?

mostly on farms

Why do horses lives in the farm?

Not everyone will have a horse and say it lives on a farm, because you dont have to own a farm to own a horse. A couple of acres for a horse to run around on is ideal, but the reason why most horses live on farms is because there is always plenty of room. It also depends on how big the farm actually is.

What percentage of the US lives on farms?


How did horses change lives for plains people?

Horses changed the Plains people's lives because they can take you places.

Where does chickens lives?

Chickens normally live on farms.

What is got home?

goat lives in farms or pens

What does buzz Aldrin do now?

He is retired and lives in California.

What type of ecosystem does a horse live in?

It lives in a farms ecosystem.

A habitat which a horse lives in?

They generally live on farms or grassland.

Whereabouts of His Excellency Nikhom Tantemsapya?

Retired. Lives in Bangkok.

Where does hen lives?

The hen is a chicken that lives in a coop. These chickens can be found all around the world on farms.

What is called goat home?

mostly goats lives in Farms but more specifically they lives in pens or byre.

Where is American saddle horses habitat?

An American Saddle Horses (also called an American Saddlebred) habitat is 'domestic'. By 'domestic' I mean that it lives on farms, at stable yards, and only in domestic situations. American Saddlebreds are a man made bred and therefore live wherever their owners chose to keep them.

When are horses usually born?

At the start of their lives

Where horses lives?

In stables, in a feild or in the wild!!!

How were Jews taken away from their every day lives?

they were sent to concentration camps and slaughtered like animals.

What percent of U.S. population lives on farms?

too many

Where is Corey Dillon?

He retired after the 2006 season and lives with his wife and daughter.

What does Buzz Aldrin do as a living now?

He is retired and lives in California, he is in his eighties.

What does rural population mean?

the population that lives on farms and really small towns

Where did most families who had to abandon their farms migrate in order to rebuild their lives?

To cities

What negiborhood does mattyb live in?

I think he lives in Barrington farms in Atlanta, GA.

What does sea horses mean?

This thing- it lives in the sea

What kind of horse lives in grasslands?

Wild horses can