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Do muscles produce red blood cells?


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No. Your muscles do not produce the red blood cells. Red bone marrow produce the red blood cells.

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I think not. It's from the bone marrow.

Iron does not produce the red blood cells. Iron is necessary for the production of red blood cells.

No. Your thymus is lymphoid organ. It does not produce the red blood cells.

Kidney do NOT produce red blood cells (bone marrow does).

Red Blood cells take oxygen to the working muscles as it is required for respiration.

No, veins can not produce red blood cells.

No, teeth do not create red blood cells.

Red blood cells carry around oxygen to the muscles but white blood cells fight bacteria by in engulfing them !

The specialized cells in bone marrow that produce red blood cells are called stem cells. red marrow makes it too

Yes, muscles do use red and white blood cells. Without red and white bloods cells, your body will not function right and you may get spasm's.

No, red blood cells are produced in bone marrow.

Red blood cells, platelets, and white blood cells are produced by red marrow.

Red Blood cells bring oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the muscles.

because red blood cells help to get oxygen to your muscles and vital organs

yes it produces red and white blood cells

The red bone marrow produces most of the blood cells, including red blood cells.

because if you do not have red blood cells you can not survive because red blood cellsprotect you from diseaes

Red bone marrow produce RBCs (red blood cells), WBCs (white blood cells), and platelets.

It can produce and re-energies red blood cells as well as more directly absorb oxygen than other mussels.

In case of the fetus, liver produces red blood cells. Red blood cells are produced by flat bones in case of adults. Given a challenge to produce the extra red blood cells, the liver may start producing red blood cells in adults also, as a last resort.

Yes, it does, white and red blood cells.

Red and white blood cells produce in bones. The bone marrow produces the cells

Muscles need energy to contract because the body needs energy to produce hormones which stimulate production of red blood cells to carry oxygen to the muscles.

Bones do not produce red or white blood cell. They produce them selves

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