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No, triang is oo gauge and will connect to ho as long as the track code is OK. But N gauge is much smaller.

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Q: Do n gauge tracks connect to triang train tracks?
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What is the tracks for train called?

train tracks or a railroad

Car is to road as train is to?

Train tracks

Are train tracks magnetic?

Train tracks are magnetic.

Why do trains run on tracks?

because the wheels connect to the track to keep the train stable and to give it more power.

How do you tie people to train tracks on red dead redemti?

You don't tie people to the train tracks. You can hogtie them and put them on the train tracks though.

The adoption of a standard gauge for railway tracks improved rail transportation by?

making it unnecessary for passengers and freight to be transferred from train to train each time they reached a different line.

Are train tracks metal?

Yes. Train tracks are metal because if they were wooden such fast moving train wheels will cause friction on the wooden tracks, setting them on fire.

Do you have a cannon on your train in the legend of Zelda spirit tracks?

You can acquire a cannon for your train on Spirit tracks.

What would be the problem if railway tracks are not parallel lines?

If the tracks are not parallel, the wheels will not stay on the tracks; train wheels are spaced at a fixed width, or gauge, and that width cannot expand or contract to accommodate non-parallel tracks. Thus, if the tracks were non-parallel, the wheel would come off the track and cause a derailment.

Would it be possible to build a train track that floats on water?

Sure, make the train tracks from materials that (in total) are lighter (less dense) than water. Presumably you want the train tracks to support a train as well; in that case, the weight of a certain piece of train tracks, plus the total weight of the train, should be less than the weight of the water displaced by the train tracks.

Why do people walk on the train tracks?

People walk on train tracks for different reasons. Some people walk on tracks because it's a shorter distance to get where they are going. Some people may walk on train tracks because they enjoy the quietness of the paths that the train runs along. We used to walk the tracks when I was a teenager because we picked the raspberries that grew along the train path.

Are children's toy train tracks made out of rubber?

Many toy train tracks are made out of wood, which is typically safe as long as they don't have sharp edges. Some are made with rubber, but they are less common. If you are referring to the electric train sets for kids (and adults), they use metal tracks that connect together and power the trains through its metal wheels. Non-electric toy trains may have wood, plastic, or rubber tracks.

What are train tracks made of?

Railroad tracks are made from steel.

Why do train tracks bend?

Train tracks bend to help move the train to the right spot. Some of them bend out of shape because of the heat and the pressure on them.

How can you keep your train from jumping the tracks?

The way a person can keep their train from jumping the tracks is to make sure the tracks are well maintained. This means the tracks should always be on a level and cleaned surface so that nothing gets between the rail and the train wheel.

Why doesn't a maglev train run on the tracks?

the maglev train uses magnatism on the tracks so it pushes the train up from the track so there is less friction

What does the train move on?


Are train tracks live?


How are train tracks repaired?

They normally don't have to repair train tracks. They normally replace the trail road ties that they are nailed to.

What is a compound word for track for trains?

A compound word for train tracks would be railroad or railroad tracks.

What can one find Brio train tracks?

Brio train tracks can be found at most toys stores, as well as on Amazon and eBay. Be sure to shop around so that you can find the cheapest price for the Brio train tracks.

Are train tracks parallel?

A regular set of tracks with two rails are always going to be parallel. If they weren't, the train would derail.

What actors and actresses appeared in Past the Train Tracks - 2012?

The cast of Past the Train Tracks - 2012 includes: Davy Walker

Are braces really made of train tracks?

No, braces are not literally made out of train tracks, it's just the name given to the style.

What are some train items that begin with the letter n?

Narrow gauge is a train term. It refers to railroad tracks that are spaced closer together than what is considered standard spacing.