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Do narcissists have an unusual attachment to their mothers?



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06/18/2009 appeared to me that my narcissistic husband had and may I say continues to have a love/hate relationship with his mother even though she has passed. I t is the crux, I think, of his psychological narcissistic problems, since I have learned from his family members as well as him that she was abusive and loving with her children, which, of course, sent a mixed (confusing) message to him as a child, which continues in his personality, as well. He was very loving to me, at times, but could turn on a dime and be very mean. I believe they fail to grow up and mature and separate themselves from their mothers and continue that relationship with her into their relationships with their wives, girlfriends. They are forever, the lonley, abused and confused little boy looking for their mothers in other women such as their wives or girlfriends. At least, this has been my experience with a narcissistic significant other. Hope this helps you and answers your question.