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A true narcissist wants as many partners as possible, IF all of them idolize the Narcissist.

The above answer is correct they do want as many partners as possible. That way if one partner doesn't work out the way narcissist wants he/she has another lined up and ready to go. If you suspect you are with a narcissist-run!

Do yourself a favor and get as far away from them as possible. If you ask your narcissist if there is anyone else they will lie to you so you don't leave. Be sure of it as they are all pathological liars. That is one of the many horrible traits of Narcissism.


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They think looks are more important than anything else.

Narcissists need to always be complimented; dramatize their lifestyle or indeavors;adored; admired, etc., and it's 'running out of supplies' for the narcissist when they want to come back to the partner they were with. This means the narcissist is not being supplied to boost his or her's ego and they know they can more than likely get the boost (like a drug addiction) from their former partner.

No. Narcissists have a lot of faults, but other than being controlling and feeling superior than their peers they are no more apt to have a fetish then anyone else.

No, not normally. If they are arroused by their own bodies, they are narcissistic (but straight people can also be narcissists). Gays are no more likely than heterosexuals to be narcissistic. They want a partner to make love with just as heterosexuals do.

Many people like their friends partner. That is perfectly normal. If you mean something more than 'like' then show your friend and his partner some respect and keep such matters to yourself.

A 51% partner of a corporation has more control than a 49% partner

They truly believe that THEY are normal. They think they are more humane than the rest of us!

Some characters who have more than one romantic partner are:D'ArtagnanCasinovaJames Bond

To prove themselves that they are better than the husbands... and just better than other people in general, I think.

Of course. This indicates to a man that the girl is more open-minded than normal and would be more than likely a better partner in bed, as well as out.

Narcissists can either be very cold towards sex and some like to be in total control and demand a lot from their sexual partner. A sex-loved addict just loves sex, but in many cases will give as good as they get (affection and warmth.) Most Narcissists loathe women in general and see them as objects rather than someone they should love and trust. A person that is a sex addict can love. Sex addiction is an addiction. the partner of a sex addict has no influence on their sexual addicted encounters. Sex is a drug to them. Sex heals wounds that have nothing to do with the current partner.

More than one partner. It means that someone is interested in someone else for more reasons than just sex.

nah... just ask him in a friendly way like "hey, wanna be partners again?"

Know the difference between jealousy and envy. Narcissists are inherently jealous; they dislike when others think someone else is better than them. However, narcissists are not envious because they believe that they are better than everyone else... envy goes against everything a narcissist is.

Not definitely, but more than likely.

In a word smartness, more than or equal to you

The sentence "I like him more than you" is ambiguous. It could mean "I like him more than I like you" or it could mean "I like him more than you like him."

Because you love yourself more than you live your partner.... cheating is an unrivalled display of selfishness.

unless there's her father and her partner, there doesn't have to be more than one.

I don't thinks narcissists have been proven to be unfaithful in fact certain narcissists might pride themselves on being faithful in relationships. There are also different types of narcissists I'm not sure weather these types are officially recognized or not. and some may be more likely to be unfaithful than others.

When a man calls a women his partner it just means like your wife or girlfriend It's just a cover up if you feel uncomfortable saying wife or girlfriend Answer I think it would mean that you're more than a girlfriend but not a wife. To me, a "partner" has a stronger meaning than "girlfriend".

Narcissists can feel contempt for many people and not just their spouse. They have a high regard for themselves and feel they are more intelligent than the rest of the world and become extremely impatient if they feel the person they are talking too isn't "getting it." They may be great chameleons and get along with coworkers, but inwardly feel that person is a total fool. They know who is boss in their workplace and will follow orders, but if they have a chance they will "go for the gold" thinking they are far better at that particular job. Some people label these types as "over-achievers." Narcissists are extremely complex people. Some actually do love their spouse and children and do strive to be a good person in their community, but they also strive for an inhuman level as far as intelligence and control. According to most narcissists they feel they are far more superior than most people they are around. The truth of the matter is, that narcissists are extremely clever, but misuse this God given right. Narcissists are always into competition and that includes their spouse. It's more of a vicious mind game than having a real or imagined inferiority complex. Narcissists don't feel inferior at all! Bottom line, they need psychological help, but because narcissists ride on the great back of ego they will rarely ever seek counseling.

AnswerYes, Narcissists believe they are superior being. They demand constant positive attention and motivation. Their subconscience allows them to believe they are better than their peers. They exaggerate their achievements and goals in order to receive admiration and praise. They don't like second place because in the narcissists mind, that means losing. The dreams of a narcissist are far more vivid and occur quite often. This coming from a self-aware narcissist

No serious relationship can work if not exclusive. She can have more than one sexual partner, but only if her partners can do the same. Any pretence of a relationship with more than one partner will inevitably cause favoritism, jealousy and ultimately failure.

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