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Q: Do not ever accept .Is this imperative form correct?
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The simplest tenses of verb?

The imperative form, also known as the command form. For example, the imperative form of "go" is "go". The imperative form requires no changes, thus making it the simplest form.

How do you say go on in Spanish?

The imperative form - "You go on" = << continúa >>The non-imperative (or infinitive) form - "to go on" = << continuar >>

Is it correct to say Accept my most sincere apologize for being late?

The correct form is: Accept my most sincere apologies for being late. Please, accept my apologies for being late. So is the plural form of apology, which is apologies. If you want to use the verb form, it would be: I want to apologize for being late. I apologize for being late.

What is the plural of arrear?

The correct form is arrears. It is only ever used in the plural form.

What is the passive form of an imperative sentence Do it?

The passive form of "Do it." is "Let it be done (by you)."

What is the simple form of accept?

The past form of accept is accepted.

What is the simple past form of accept?

The past form of accept is accepted.

What does 'volontu' mean in Esperanto?

Be willing! (Imperative form of volonti, "to be willing")

Is habete an adverb?

The word "habete" is a Latin imperative form, not English.

How do you say live in french imperative form to a single?

The French imperative of "Live" to a single person is:vis (singular; familiar)vivez (singular; formal/polite)

What does guarden mean in spanish?

It means (you all) guard. That's in the imperative form.

What does Go faster mean in french?

va plus vite! (imperative form)