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No. Nucleic acids are the building blocks of protein. There are various types of nucleic acids that form proteins.

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No, nucleic acids code for the making of protein, they do not contain the monomers of protein manufacturing.

No, nucleic acids are not enzymes. Nucleic acids are made up of nucleotides while enzymes are protein in nature.

phosphorus is present in nucleic acids and not in proteins

no. they are nucleic acids

Nucleotides are Nucleic Acids. They are the monomers(sub-units) of Nucleic Acids.

Nucleic acids control protein synthesis, which means they control the cell's structure and functions.

No, proteins are made of amino acids, not nucleic acids.

Of course they have. There is a protein capcid with nucleic acid

Hydrolysis of nucleic acids produce ribose or deoxiribose, heterocyclic amines a a phosphate group.

nucleic acid absorbs at 260nm and protein absorbs at 280nm

No , proteins are made up of amino acids .

carbohydrates, lipids, protein, and nucleic acids

no nucleic acids do though!

The nucleic acid is a protein found in RNA and DNA to determine our genes . Edit: NUCLEIC ACIDS ARE NOT PROTEINS. Do they have amino groups? No. Are they made out of Amino acids? no. Nucleic acids are polymers which are also known as RNA and DNA. They contain all of the information of the body.

nucleic acids is the DNA in the nucleus and amino acids help ribosomes produce protien for a cell.

ANSWERThe main function of nucleic acids is to store and transmit genetic material and use the information to direct the synthesis of new protein.

Protein and nucleic acid are both composed of amino acids. Completely wrong! Only proteins are composed of amino acids. They have nothing in common, even their chirality is opposite (proteins are levo while nucleic acids are dextro).

The main function of nucleic acids is to store and transmit genetic information and use that information to direct the synthesis of new protein.

specify the order of amino acids in protein synthesis

proteinwrong. nucleotidesthe association here is the parts to the whole

carbohydrates, lipids, protein, and nucleic acids.

Carbohydrates Lipids Protein Nucleic Acids

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