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Do nurses get sick time?

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It depends on who they work for. In most hospitals and doctor's offices, yes.

In private duty and home care, usually not.

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What is the duration of Sick Nurses?

The duration of Sick Nurses is 1.38 hours.

Who is a person who looks after sick people in hospital?

Doctors and Nurses.

What do nurses do to help the community?

They look after you when you are sick.

What occupation gets the most sick days?


Why do nurses work?

Because they take care of the sick and infirm

How can nurses take care of sick people?

A doctor helps them.

Why do nurses and doctors often wear gloves?

so u dont make them sick and they dont make you sick

What did nurses do in World War 2?

took care of sick people

What is the nurses duty?

to help sick people and don't make them die

How do the nurses help people when they are sick?

Because they want to help them...they have to help...

How do nurses spend their time?

nurses help people

Why is it necessary for doctors and nurses to wear safety gloves?

So you dont make them sick and so they dont make you sick

Why doctors and nurses are called heroes?

Doctors: They perform life saving surgeries for people that are dying Nurses: They take care of the sick and injured

Why do most of the hospitals have nurses from kerala?

most of the hospital nurses come from Kerala because the ladies there are really kind and sweet to care for the sick people.

What do nurses actually do everday?

Work ,change people,andfeed the sick and old people

Who is the patroness of nurses?

St. Catherine Siena - is patron of nurses and nursing. She devoted her life to the sick, especially cancer patients. Her Feast day is April 29.

In the Civil War for the first time thousands of women served as what?

Nurses. They served as Nurses.

Will nurses still be needed in the future?

yes< unless nobody will ever get sick or have an illness. which is quite impossible

Why do nurses need to be friendly?

Because they work with those who most need a friendly professional: the sick and injured.

Why is St. Catherine of Siena the patron saint of nurses?

She's the patron saint for nurses because when she was 16 she helped the sick and dieing at a hospital. People said she had healing powers

How do the hospice nurses take care of the terminally ill?

They take care of them like any other sick/ill patients. Also, there some very special nurses for needs like these

How many people get saved by nurses?

they get treated right on timeHow many people get saved by nurses

What are the release dates for The Nurses - 1962 Time for You and Time for Me 3-9?

The Nurses - 1962 Time for You and Time for Me 3-9 was released on: USA: 24 November 1964

Who are bordetella pertussis most common victims?

people who are mostly around sick people like nurses and doctors

What were the wowan doing at the time of the war?

They were nurses.

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