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No. Weight is the measure of how much force a planet pulls an object, that force is determined by the planet's mass and radius, and each planet has a different mass and radius.


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The can of soda would weigh a different amount on other planets because they don't have the same amount of mass as earth does.

You don't, necessarily. On Jupiter you would weigh more than twice your weight on Earth. Your weight would be different on the different planets because the strength of gravity varies.

There are 4 planets in our solar system that are larger than the Earth and which, therefore, have stronger gravitational fields, and a person would weigh more on those planets than on Earth (although it is not easy to either get to those planets or to survive while on them, but that is a separate issue). Those planets are: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. There are also many other large planets in other star systems.

If you weighed 100 lbs on Earth you would weigh 112.5 lbs on Neptune.See related for how much you would weigh on other planets.

Because Earth has a stronger gravitational pull.

No on the moon you weigh approximately 4 times less on the moon than you do on Earth. Of all the planets, you weigh the heaviest on Jupiter.

because the moon's mass is about one-sixth that of the Earth

On other planets your gravity doesn't change. Your weight however changes based on the mass of the planet. For example, on a planet with less mass than Earth, a person will weigh less than they normally do.

If you weigh 100 pounds on earth, you would weigh:38 pounds on Mercury91 pounds on Venus38 pounds on Mars234 pounds on Jupiter106 pounds on Saturn119 pounds on Neptune6 pounds on Pluto

if you weighed 100 pounds on the earth then you would weigh 112.5 pounds on Neptune.See related link for more details and other planets112.5 lbs.

No. Objects weigh less but mass is constant.

The moon has less gravity Peggy says: Objects weigh more on the Earth than on the moon because the Earth has a greater mass. The mass of an object determines how much gravity it exerts. The Earth exerts six times the gravity of the moon. A 180 pound person on Earth would only weigh 30 pounds on the moon!

elephants, trucks, large trees, planets, stars

Yes, on the Moon everything weighs 1/6th the weight on Earth.

they weight less because there is less gravity on the moon than on earth...

An object or bunch of objects that weigh 300 pounds on the earth would, if transported to thesurface of the moon, weigh 48.98 pounds there. (rounded)

Since Venus's gravity is very close to that of the Earth, there wouldn't be much difference in your weight on the Earth and your weight on Venus compared to the other planets in our Solar System. To find out your weight on Venus, you have to multiply your earth weight (unit doesn't matter) by 0.91. In your case, a person weighing 70 lbs on the Earth would weigh 64 lbs on Venus.

Not quite. An object would weight slightly more on Saturn than it does on Earth.

If the Earth became bigger but its mass remained the same, then objects on its surfacewould weigh less than they do now.If the Earth became bigger and its mass also increased, (with average density remainingconstant), then objects on its surface would weigh more than they do now.

You multiply the weight on Earth times the percentage of the planet compared to Earth. For instance, the gravity of Mars is 37% of Earth gravity. So, if you weigh 100 pounds on Earth: 0.37 X 100 = 37 You would weigh 37 pounds on Mars.

Gravity is a thing that goes on between two objects, not just one. YOU ... or any other object ... weigh about 6.04 times as much on the Earth's surface as you weigh on the Moon's surface.

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