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No, Octopuses eat small crabs and scallops, plus some snails, fish, turtles, crustaceans (like shrimp), and other octopuses. They catch prey with their arms, then kill it by biting it with their tough beak, paralyzing the prey with a nerve poison, and softening the flesh. They then suck out the flesh. Octopuses hunt mostly at night. Only the Australian Blue-ringed octopus has a poison strong enough to kill a person. I once saw a programme where sharks were going missing in an aquarium, it turned out to be an octopus catching and eating them, but no, the do not eat plankton.

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Do eels eat fish or plankton?

depending on the eel, they can eat plankton and small fish. some also eat bloodworms or octopus.

How are jellyfish and octopus alike?

they both have 8 legs and eat zoo plankton

Octopus eat small fish but what do the small fish eat?

Some eat smaller fish, invertibrates, Plankton, Algae... etc.

What does a devilfish octopus eat?

A devilfish octopus eats crabs and other things.

What do dumbo octopus eat?

they eat crustaceans and zooplankton octopuses eat more than just that. They eat fish and crab plankton and more then I can name. They don't JUST eat crustaceans and zooplankton. People I am a expert on octopus and I still go the school.

Do whales eat shrimp?

no they only eat plankton no they only eat plankton no they only eat plankton

What do plantons eat?

I think plankton eat other planktons plankton eat other planktons plankton eat other planktons plankton eat other planktons

Do plankton eat plants?

no plankton do not eat plants

Can an eel eat plankton?

the answer is yes, they do eat plankton

Fish that eat plankton?

Cod eat Plankton

Do flamingos eat plankton?

yes, they do eat plankton

Does the dolphin eat plankton?

Dolphins do eat plankton.

What animal eats the blue ringed octopus?

plankton x

Do tuna eat plant plankton?

Of course they eat plankton if they are in a river that is. Every river has plankton and fish the fish will always eat plankton unless they are carnivourous.

Do plankton eat fish?

Plankton do not eat fish. This is because plankton are normally producers meaning they produce their own food. Normally fish eat plankton.

Can whales eat plankton?

Yes, whales eat plankton.

What are differences between octopuses and dolphines?

The difference between dolphins and octopus is that dolphins have skeletons and octopuses don't! There are many differences between a dolphin and an octopus such as an octopus has tenicles and dolphins dont. Plus they eat very different diets. Octopuses may eat plankton while the dolphin eats small fish

What eats plankton in coral reef?

Coral eat plankton. Fish eat plankton. Anenomes eat plankton. So do sea squirts, sponges, featherstars...everything.

What eats octopus?

Whales eat octopus [sperm whales have giant octopus as a favorite food]. Octopus eat each other octopus. Humans eat octopus. Anything that can catch an octopus (that isn't easy) will eat it. Killer whales [or Orcas, a kind of toothed whale] eat octopuses.

Do mollusks eat plankton?

no oysters eat shrimp and algae. however, they do not eat plankton

Can plankton eat seaweed?

There are some types of plankton that can eat plants.

Do small fish eat plankton?

Yes, most do eat plankton.

Do cod eat plankton?

Cod are predators and eat smaller fish and other animal life in the ocean. They do not eat plankton. Generally, they eat what eats plankton.

Animals that are predators and prey?

Well, that is kinda hard to explain. Because, a prey can be a predator, and a predator can be a prey. That is because of food chains. For an example, a small fish might eat a plankton, and a squid might eat the fish, and a octopus might eat the squid, and a shark would eat the octopus, and a fishermen might kill and eat the shark. The small fish was a predator that ate the plankton, but then the fish became a prey, because the squid ate it. It is impossible for a animal to be JUST a prey/predator unless they don't eat animals.

What do phyto plankton eat?

other plankton