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Sure they do. just lighten them up with alcohol and find the guy who loves doing an older woman. given the right mood and person, they can be sex animals even at and elderly age

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Do older women like having rough sex?

Yes, I do.

A reason a younger man might like an older woman?

for sex What? A jerk only thinks like that. Older women are more mature and can handle relationship well.

What happens to the vagina as a woman ages?

not much however the older a women gets the more difficult it becomes to self lubricate like younger women when having sex or masturbating typically an older women's sex drive is lower depending on the age of the women this has a factor on the whole self lubricating symptom

Why do older women in their 50's and older love anal sex?

It's a turn

Do women get a stronger sex drive as they get older?

no actually a smaller one

1600s high sex ratio men to women Chesapeake meant?

some women married older

Why older women like young men?

Because older women want to feel like they are 18 again.+ they get wet

Do older women often marry younger men?

the women who marry younger men are sexy and luv sex

What are the chances of pregnancy using pull out in older women having infrequent sex and are perimenopausal?

As she is older the chances are slimmer to get pregnant.

Why do young men prefer older women?

Some young men prefer older women, others do not. The ones that prefer older women like women who are easier to get to know and closer to.

Do women like to be sucked after sex?


What is the difference between gay and straight?

gay's and lesbian's like the same sex, (man with a man, women with a women). straight like the oppisite sex, (men with a women)

Do women like younger men?

yes they do. Because they just don't like older men lets put it like that. I'm 26 and alot of older women then me like me.

Do women like older guys?

yes they do

What do girls like better anal or vaginal sex?

Most women like Vaginal sex than Anal Sex.

What do women look like?

Like girls, just older. ;)

Do women like group sex?

some do

What does sex feel like for women?

Try it out.

Is chris liking on older women?

he did at first but he like women his age now

Does jaden smith like older or younger women better?

he likes older women, at least thats what will smith said. Sadly. :,(

Does Justin bieber like older women?

yes he does

What is a name for men that like older women?


Does Miley Cyrus sexually like older women?


What is the name for men who like older women?


What women like in sex?

they like to kiss her vagina by mans tounge.