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No. Introverts can find love too and let me tell you something, the passion and intensity can be even more than for extroverts...for a variety of reasons.

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Q: Do only extroverts find love?
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What are introverts and extroverts?

Introverts are shy people and extroverts are outgoing people.

Why cant you find true love?

if you want to find true love then first you must find God he is the only one who can show you how to love yourself and then he will show you where and how to find your true love if you want to find true love then first you must find God he is the only one who can show you how to love yourself and then he will show you where and how to find your true love

Who are some famous people that are extroverts?


Can you ever find love?

of course you can!! you might not find love when you suspect it, you will only find love when you least suspect it. just remember, there is only one person out there for everyone, meaning:you were born to fall in love with one person out there in the whole wide world, everyone is. so be patient that person is waiting for you

How do Romeo and Juliet react when they find out each other's last name?

They were shocked but still in love. " My only love sprung from my only hate."

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The lyrics to the song My One and Only Love by Sting can be found at

What part of speech is extrovert?

The word extrovert is a noun. The plural form is extroverts.

What is the type A and a type B personality?

type a extroverts and type two introverts

Which describes the work of Carl Jung?

He classified personalities in the categories of introverts and extroverts.

What does one love one life mean?

One love, one life, means that you will only find one true love in your life.

How can extroverts make introverts even quieter on purpose?

Ask them to tell you everything they know.

Will you ever find love?

Well not everyone does but hopefully you will (only if you start flossing!).

How to make a girl feel that you love her?

Show her. Thats the only way she can find out.

What are the causes of love?

As far as I know, the causes of love are unknown and you can only find out when you get this feeling around a certain person that is meant for you.

Am i a lusbian i love a girl but i usually love boys i have only loved one girl and i really dont want to love her i wish god would really help me get over can you please help me find peace anyone?

Find one person to give your love to, and love that one person only. If you don't want to be a lesbian then make that person a man.

Is it true that according to carl Jung extroverts are concerned with the external world of people and things?

true A+

I am a girl and I'm in love with a girl how do you get the girl if you know she only likes me as a friend?

If she doesn't love you back you should find a girl to be happy with that will love you back. trust me you'll find someone :) don't get discouraged!

According to psychologist Carl Jung What are introverts interested in?

Carl Jung categorized all people into two categories, extroverts and introverts. Extroverts are generally much more social and outgoing, where introverts generally keep much more to themselves and are calm and private.

Is possible to never find somebody to love?

As sad as it is to say, Yes it is possible to never find somone to love. There is only one way that is possible though and that is if you don't look! If you don't look for love it will not find you!. YOu need to show people that you can be a good guy/girl for them. THey wll not nock on you door and tell you they love you! YOu will need to meet them at the very least half way!If you do that... if you find to try someone to love YOU WILL FIND THEM!

I need To find a techno song and the only words i remember are Do you know that I love you we'll be together?

DJ Marta - Do you know that I love you

What is where is the love about?

i think you cant find love but if you can you find love in person that you really like and you are willing to be with forever but be careful who you find love in!!!

Where do you find love?

You don't just find love, love comes to you and when your in love you just know it.

How many times do you fail at love with the person you are in love with before you give up?

Once, there are too many fish in the sea... if you are asking this question it proves you have doubts about the "love" if you have doubts the only responsible thing to do is get out and find other love.. the other person will find other love as well.. its life.. its love.... it fades and moves on..

When will you find love?

When the time is right you will find love.

can i find love here?

can i find love here