Do orbeez have babies?

yes, they do sometimes but if you want them to have babies there are steps you need to take.

1. Starting: Pick any kind and color orbeez you want put only 2.

2.Making Babies:Put them in a small container make sure there together.

3. preagnet:wait a few days or so if the orbeez smell bad that means it pregnet,if it does not smell bad leave it there for a few weeks

4. pregnet: a couple day later you will see a little baby orbee sticking out or you might see more don't take them out because it will kill then wait intill they get a little bigger

5.labour:ok today is the day you need soup that you wash your hands and get a container and put a hot water put a little in the container then put the pregnet orbee in there (ok the soup is to wash your hands before you touch the pregnet orbeez) so you rub the orbeez softly for about 100 seconds make sure your rubing it in the water and then wait over night if it does not come wait more days if you dont see the baby on the mom congratz

6. your baby orbee: congratz on your baby orbee but if the mother dies put her in the trash or do a little fruneral :D but if the baby dies......its not your fault but its the mothers fault if she pushes to hard it hurts the baby plus it pops.

p.s. good luck naming them