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Some animals do, e.g.:

Honey buzzards, even if they seem to prefer other social wasps.

Greater hornets; the Asian Giant Hornet may kill and eat smaller wasps, including smaller hornets.

Some ants, like the army ants.

Also human. In parts of Asia, fried hornet larvae is a delicacy.

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NO but Hornets eat bees

Hornets eat eat flies, bees, and wasps.

Shrews, hornets, stoats, weasels, and cheetahs to name a few.

carnivore animals eat other animals

Hornets, like other insects and animals, have an important role they play in the environment. These insects help to pollinate plants and to rid other insects such as mites, spiders, and flies.

Yellow spotted lizards are among the animals that will eat bees, wasps and hornets. Your dog may also go after them along with flys and other dogs and they might chase a cat as well scence that is what the yellow spotted lizard eats as well .

Herbivores are animals that don't eat other animals. Animals that eat other animals are called Carnivores.

Animals that eat meat from other animals are called "Carnivores"

they eat other animals to survive

Omnivores are animals that eat both other animals and plants. Carnivores are animals that eat other animals. Herbivores are animals that just eat plants.

Dragonflies will not eat wasps or hornets unless there is absolutely nothing else for them to eat. They mostly eat mosquitoes but will also eat butterflies and moths.

Energy is being transferred when animals eat other animals...

Some animals eat other animals but other animals only eat plants and their own food

Carnivores are animals who eat other animals. Herbivores are animals who eat only plants. And Omnivores are animals who eat both plants and animals(most humans are omnivores).

Animals that eat plants and other aniamls are called omlivor's

Carnivores and omnivores both eat other animals.

Skunks are the most likely animal to dig up and eat the contents of hornets nests. More specifically, they dig up the nests to eat the larvae of the hornets within.

Animals In The Everglades Eat Plants and Other Animals.

Omnivores and carnivores eat other animals.

Yes, they are carnivorous, they hunt and eat other animals.

No, groundhogs are vegetarians. They do not eat other animals.

Carnivores eat other animals

Carnivores are animals that eat meat but predators are animals who actually kill other animals and eat them.

Sharks, Frog, Bass, Pelican and Trouts eat other animals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The animals either eat plants or they eat other animals. Some are scavengers and eat dead animals.

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