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Do otters eat snakes?


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River otters do. But most otters eat small snakes.

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River otters do eat snakes but, only small snakes

otters eat crustaceans and sharks eat otters

No, people do not eat river otters... but they do eat the fosh that the otters eat :-).

Can sea otters eat humans? no

Many animals eat mandarin ducks. A few of them are otters, raccoons, minks and eagles. Snakes will also eat these ducks.

what kind of food do otters eat

alligators and water snakes

Yes Rivers Otters will eat beavers.

Large group of piranhas can hunt otters and eat them.

the giant river otter eats mainly fish. but also eat crabs, caimans, snakes, frogs, bird eggs, and molluscs

Larger fish, alligators, otters, herons, minks, osprey, bald eagles, water snakes, snapping turtles.

Humans are the main predators of turtles, but fish, frogs, snakes, minks, otters and birds such as herons and crows eat their eggs.

Other piranhas,water snakes,turtles,birds,otters,and people( piranhas taste really,really great).

Predators include otters, alligators and man. Bass eat crayfish, smaller fish, snakes, frogs.

Yes, orcas eat sea otters.

yes humans and otters eat oysters

Orca whales! they eat all the otters

Otters will eat small mammals such as water voles and young rabbits.

snakes eat turtles,but smaller snakes eat smaller turtles.yes,snakes do eat turtles.

If you mean what do otters eat, then they eat fish, and shellfish. Also, Giant river otters will occasionally attack a caiman wandering into their territory.

Alligators DON'T eat sea otters, Killer whales (orcas) do!

yes otters do eat fruit but not melons

king snakes eat other snakes

Sea otters have to eat at least 25% oftheir body weight each day.

No! Sea otters eat mollusks (small octopodes, clams, mussels etc.).

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