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Yes. Since the plate tectonics move, what was once underwater could now be land.(ex. Grand Canyon)Also, the same backwards, something that used to be land, could be underwater now(like parts of Florida might).

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Can raccoons hunt under water?

If you mean do they dive under water to search for food, the answer is no. However, they will wade in shallow water and use their nimble fingers to search for food under water - crayfish, crabs, clams, snails, etc.

Who analyzes substances present in drinking water?


What do sea turtles do under water?

The answer to that question is they search for food and shelter .They search for their mother and father.

What are people who find fossils called?


What do paleontologists find?

Paleontologists find fossils like bones and more

How do you use paleontologists in a sentence?

Paleontologists are especially interested in the study of fossils.

Were can you find a heart scale in Pokemon emerald?

When you have the HM dive then search the sea between Mossdeep city and Lilycove city for dark blue parts in the water and search under water for them

What is the plural possessive of paleontologist?

The plural noun is paleontologists.The plural possessive form is paleontologists'.Example: The professor is making a presentation at the paleontologists' conference.

Who hunts fossils?

Paleontologists hunt fossils; Along with amateur Paleontologists too!

Where do you get a heart scale in Pokemon Sapphire?

u can get heart scales under water just search under rocks by going next to them and press A

What does the fossil record provide for paleontologists?

The fossil record provides nothing good for paleontologists.

In Pokemon sapphire where is the stolen submarine?

get close to moss deep and then dive under the water search for the cave

How you get into the gym in sootopolis city?

you have to go under water and search around the sootopolis on your map follow the rocks

How much cash do paleontologists make in a year?

on average paleontologists make $67,000 per year

Something paleontologists often find in sedimentary rocks?

Paleontologists are looking for fossils in sedimentary rock.

Why is it important for paleontologists be experts in both anatomy and geology?

Paleontologists need to have a working knowledge of geology to recognise not only which rock is best to search for fossils but also to recognise fossils from the surrounding rock. They need to have a working knowledge of anatomy (biology) to recognise what part of the animal or plant they are looking at.

What three types of jobs do paleontologist do?

Some paleontologists specialize in the study of particular organisms. Invertebrate paleontologists study animals without backbones, whereas vertebrate paleontologists study animals with backbones. Paleobotanists study fossils of plants. Other paleontologists reconstruct past ecosystems, study the traces left behind by animals, and piece together the conditions under which fossils were formed. As you see, the study of past life is as varied and complex as Earth's history itself.

Do paleontologists wash found bones in soapy water?

No as a mater of fact they are very carefull to disturb them as liltle as posible.

Where do paleontologists study?

This all depends; Paleontologists are usually in an office, or, they are out doing field work. If they are in an office this could also mean in a classroom, seeing a lot of paleontologists work as university professors.

What clothes do paleontologists wear?

paleontologists wear all sorts of things that often concur with what kind of penis you have

What do committee chairmen do?


How do paleontologists work?

Most paleontologists work in the field finding fossils, using tools like a geologist's pick.

What do paleontologists used to determine the actual age of rocks?

Paleontologists use carbon dating to determine the age of rocks.

Can Tanks Drive Under Water?

I know the Russian T-90 can, you can find youtube video if you search for T-90

What is the pay for a paleontologists?

The salary for a paleontologists will vary depending on experience, location, and employer. On average, they will make about $72,660 per year.