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Giant Pandas have the same ancestor as Raccoons, but are in the Bear Clade. Lesser Pandas are in the Raccoon Clade, and all Bears, Raccoons, and Dogs have a common ancestor. Giant Pandas are closely related to Raccoons, more related than any other species in the Bear Clade.

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Q: Do panda bears come from raccoons?
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Are pandas related to anything?

The Giant Panda is a bear, native to central-western and south western China.

Who are distant relatives of the giant panda?

The red panda is related to raccoons, kinkajou, coati, and the panda.

Are pandas bears or raccoons?

Scientists finally tested the genes from a panda to determine pandas are actually a species of bear. They are the rarest of bears, and found around the wilderness of China, which is currently disappearing due to human encroachment. Giant Pandas in the Bear Clade, and Lesser Pandas(Red Pandas)are in the Raccoon Clade. Bears, Raccoons, and Dogs have a common ancestor.

Are there relatives of the raccoon?

For a long time, scientists were trying to find the RIGHT family for pandas, because it is related to the red panda, but the red panda's relatives are raccoons. But, they found out that Panda Bears were related to the Bears, not raccoons. The red panda has it's own family.

Why are panda bears classified as a bear?

They classified the red panda with the raccoons because they look like and act like the raccoon.

Are grasslands home of bears and raccoons?

Raccoons love in grasslands but bears are very uncommon in that biome.

Are raccoons related to the giant panda?

Yes I raccoons are related to giant pandas

Do panda bears have enemies?

Yes, rival tribes of panda bears.

What relationship do panda bears and bamboo have?

Panda bears eat bamboo

Are pandas and cats the same?

Panda bears are actually more closely related to raccoons, and both of them are related to bears. They are only distantly related to cats, and they are all related to each other by the fact that they are all mammals.

Is an panda a mammal an amphibian bird?

A panda, a distant relative of raccoons, is a mammal.

Animals in the same family as dogs?

Caniformia is a suborder that includes:skunks, bears, weasels, badgers, otters, raccoons, seals, sea lions, walruses, coatis, and the red panda.