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Do pandas eat humans?

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the answer is no. they barely eat meat! so why would they eat a human? they might attack humans but definitely not eat.

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What amimals eat baby pandas?

Humans, obviously O_O

Why is human the pandas biggest enemy?

Humans are pandas biggest enemy because us humans are damaging their habitat and leaving less food for them to eat and survive.

How can the need of food for pandas be met?

Since Pandas eat bamboo, then humans and animals need to find a way to plant more bamboo seeds so pandas can eat more and reproduce.

Can pandas eat humans?

They can if they wanted to! They don't really eat humans because they really only like bamboo. But if you did something to make them mad enough a panda could definitely kill you! Pandas are scared of humans.. it will be very hard for a panda to eat you.. even if you try to get them mad..

What eats trout other than a panda?

Neither giant pandas nor red pandas eat trout. Brown bears and humans do eat trout though.

How many humans have been killed by pandas?

No record shows that a human has been killed by a panda on purpose. Some accidents do occur, but only if you threaten the cub or attack the panda. Pandas do not eat humans. They eat mostly bamboo.

What influences do humans have on giant pandas?

why are giant pandas endangered from humans

Can I eat a tree?

Yes you can, bamboo is a plant so, it relates to a tree. Technically it is a tree, it is also what pandas eat. If pandas eat bamboo, us humans can eat bamboo too since we are the strongest in the food chain.

What eats a Panda Bear?

Jackals, leopards, and tigers eat pandas. Humans hunt pandas for their beautiful fur, too. HIH! -Bri-

How do humans interact with pandas?

humans interact with pandas using hotmail or yahoo :)

What type of grass do pandas eat?

Pandas do not eat any grasses. They eat bamboo.

What animal eats sugar cane?

Humans eat everything. pandas and elephants and small bug.

Are pandas mean?

Yes, they are mean to humans because, humans kill pandas for there fur. :(

What impact have red pandas have on humans?

Red pandas don't have a significant impact on humans.

Do fish eat pandas?

No, fish do not eat pandas.

Do pandas eat meat?

Do Pandas eat meat?

Do pandas eat metal?

No, pandas do not eat metal.

How have humans made red pandas endangreed?

they are cutting down the bamboo they eat. they are cutting down the bamboo they eat. they are cutting down the bamboo they eat.

Why are humans a problem for giant pandas?

Well, the pandas that don't live in zoos or sanctuaries live in rainforests. Pandas eat the bamboo in these forests. People are cutting down bamboo trees to make land for farms, ranches,homes, etc. So, pandas are getting less and less bamboo to eat.

Do pandas eat people?

No, pandas only eat bamboo.

What do pandas have to eat in the wild?

Pandas have bamboo to eat in the wild.

Do pandas attack humans?

Most of the time Pandas are very nice and docile creatures. However, there have been instances that Pandas have attacked humans.

Do pandas interact with humans?

they do interact with humans

What do pandas usually do?

pandas eat

Why should people save the giant pandas?

Well, by nature, people are attracted to cute things...and well...pandas are extremely cute...also, pandas eat bamboo...without the pandas, the bamboo population will increase...which means less space for humans...

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