Do pandas hibernate

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No they do not hibernate. The wild Giant Panda can't build up the fat reserves to hibernate, so they must move to the lower elevation when it's cold, and continue to eat their normal diet.
NO panda do not hibernate there big fuzzy fur keeps them warm in the winter

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Q: Do pandas hibernate
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Do pandas hibernate or estivate?

No, pandas do not hibernate nor do they estivate.

How do red pandas hibernate?

Red pandas do not hibernate.

Do pandas hibernate in the summer?

Pandas do not hibernate at any time of the year.

Do pandas migrate or hibernate?

they hibernate

Do panda hibernate?

Pandas hibernate

Where do panda's hibernate?

Pandas don't hibernate!

Do pandas hibernate or migrate?

Unfortuantly pandas do not hibernate. Im not sure about migrate but my answer is none. They dont hibernate or migrate. Answered by Pepsi906

What do pandas do in the winter hibernate migrate or adapt?

they do not hibernate!

Do giant pandas hibernate?


Do red pandas hibernate?

Red pandas don't have to hibernate as most of their food is available all year round.

How do pandas keep warm for winter?

They hibernate.

Does red pandas hibernate?

Red Pandas are primarily nocturnal creatures, and spend most of their time curled up on a branch asleep. The are not known to hibernate, as the climate that they live in does not have harsh winters. Therefore they do not need to hibernate.

Where DO panda's live in winter?

I think pandas hibernate.

What is the first day of hibernation for pandas?

Pandas do not hibernate. They have a constant supply of bamboo in their natural habitat.

Do bears hibernate in the winter or they just walk around?

Most hibernate but not all species-pandas don't.

Which animal doesn't hibernate?

Pandas love sleep, but they don't hibernate. Instead they seek more comfortable altitudes.

Why do panda bears not hibernate?

Pandas don't hibernate because they need to eat constantly, and hibernating is three months when they can't eat. They also don't have the fat reserve to hibernate.

What type of diet do pandas have?

A pandas diet consists solely of bamboo, and because of this the Panda does not hibernate. The bamboo is not enough to hold it through the winter.

Do giant pandas hibernate in the winter?

Well, I'm not completely sure but I think so...

Do pandas estivate?

They only eat bamboo leaves and can not store enough energy from them for prolonged periods of hibernation or estivation.

Giant Pandas Habitat or behavior patterns?

Giant pandas live in mountainous areas in China. They act much like other bears, hunt by themselves, but they do not hibernate.

How do pandas react to hibernation?

They dont react because they dont hibernate because their food lasts every year

Where do panda bears go in hibernation?

Giant pandas actually do not hibernate like other bears. Their primary food source, bamboo, grows all year-round, so they do not need to hibernate.

How long do Pandas take eating each day?

24 hours to eat the whole day, but if they're in the Arctic they hibernate for six months.

What does a bear do during the summer?

They eat and eat and eat. If they hibernate through the winter, they must lay down lots of fat. Pandas only eat bamboo and because of this they can't hibernate since they don't lay down enough fat.