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they do not hibernate!

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Q: What do pandas do in the winter hibernate migrate or adapt?
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Do manatees migrate hibernate or adapt?


Do clams adapt or migrate or hibernate?

During the winter, clams hibernate into the mud. When the temperatures falls below 40 degrees will begin their hibernation phase.

Do chickens migrate hibernate or adapt to its environment?


How do animals adapt to winter conditions?

Animals adapt to the winter by hibernating. For example,bears and leopard frogs hibernate. They eat all summer and in the winter they sleep. Another way of adapting is to migrate . For example, butterflies,whales,and birds migrate. To illustrate, butterflies migrate to mexico when it is cold and migrate back when it is warmer. Those are two examples of ho animals adapt in the winter.

Do woodpeckers hibernate?

No Woodpeckers don't hibernate. No bird does. Birds either adapt to the envoroment or migrate. Woodpeckers migrate.

Do snow monkeys adapt hibernate or migrate?


Do coyotes migrate hibernate or adapt during the winter?

They adapt. Migretion is for herbivores and hibernations are for the animals that eat food or are that food when snow comes abroad, blanketing the vittles. RoSeWeAsLeY

How do animals stay alive in the cold winter?

Different an do different things. Some migrate, others hibernate and some even adapt to the cold.

Do herons migrate during the winter or adapt to their surroundings?

Herons do migrate during the winter

Do woodlice hibernate migrate or adapt?

there are loads of speacies of woodlouse. But most of them will hibernate until late April

How do guarder snakes adapt to winter?

They hibernate, of course!!!

Do segmented worms hibernate or migrate?

i think they hibernate guess so you are completely wrong. they migrate. hibernate means they sleep like bears, mammals, and human etc, migrate is moving to areas that would be easy to adapt to

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