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Giant Pandas

Do pandas like to bathe in water?

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Do pandas like 2 bathe in tha water

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How do pandas bathe?

The answer is they bathe in ponds or rivers

Where do pandas get their water from?

Pandas Get their water from any place water is, like lakes, rivers or anything else.

How do polar bears bathe?

Well, they don't exactly bathe like us humans. they are in the water alot. They don't really bathe.

How do black panthers get water to drink and bathe?

Like most wild animals, black panthers get water to drink and bathe from a natural water source. This might be a river or lake.

Why do birds water-bathe?

The same reason that humans bathe in water. To clean, for hygiene and to cool down.

What do pandas drink?

they mostly drink water because hey pandas have to survive like people.....

Do snails drink water?

Keep the snail's home damp. They like shallow water to bathe in.

Can you bath in warm water while pregnant?

You can bathe in warm water but not suppsed to bathe in hot water.

Do pygmy hippos bathe in salt water or fresh water?

Hippos bathe in freshwater.

What kind of water do pandas drink?

pandas drink fresh water

Where does Zebra bath?

They bathe in mud like in lakes (like where hippo's bathe).

Chows don't like water so what do you use to bathe them?

You can either hold them so they can't harm you when you bathe them, or you can try a wet washrag. It is still water, but it might scare them less than actually entering water.

Do hermit crabs bathe in hot cold or warm water?

hermit crabs bathe in warm water

Do you need to bathe rabbits?

No. They wash themselves clean like cats, and they hate water.

What do pandas need to survive?

Pandas need food, water, and shelter like any other animal

Is it ok to bathe your cats?

It is perfectly okay to bathe your cats. The only problem is, cats hate water, the cat will not like the bath, and whatever you do, don't put water on your cat's head/face. Also do not submerge your cat in water.

Are pandas like raccoons?

Yes,they are.Red pandas are like raccoons and giant pandas are like bears.

Do gnu's like the wetness such as rain?

Yes gnu's like wetness like water. They actually bathe in it and drink it so ofcourse they like it!!

Do cats like pandas?

Cats like pandas.

Best way to bathe a kitten?

Shouldn't be needed. they hate water & bathe themselves.

How often do you bathe your hamster?

never they do not like bathe they will clean there self

Do red pandas like water?

yes all animals like water, but not to swim in, to drink. They dip their paws in water and lick them like scooping up a drink.

You are doing a project on giant pandas what should you get for the habit?

Pandas live in trees and eat leaves. Put plenty of trees in your habitat.

Do pandas live on water?

Pandas are land mammals.

What do you bathe hermit crabs in?