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No kids have to there self !!that stinks

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Q: Do parents or government pay for kids to go to school in Romania?
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What do the kids usually do after school in Romania?

They usually play computer games or they go outside to play with other kids after school.

How long do kids stay in school in Romania?

Oficially ten years.

How many kids attend school in Romania?

More than 95 %.

What would a kid be doing on typical days in Romania?

Kids in Romania wake up in the morning, go to school, come back from the school, do their homework, turn on the computer and play games, help their parents, watch TV, go outside and play with the other kids, listen music and talk on messenger with their friends. Last months, the Romanian kids sign in their facebook accounts too.

How many days a week do kids in romania attend school?

Only five school days in a week.

Do Romania kids have to wear a school uniform?

no By Darklady Horse isle hehe

Are you accountable if you know of parents who do not send their kids to school?


Can parents get arrested for kids not going to school?


What time do kids go to school in Romania?

They go to school about 5 in the morning in most schools but it depends what school you are talking about.

Why don't kids walk to school?

Ussaly they dont because you have to live in a mile of school to walk or parents are afraid that their kids will get hit

How do both parents working affect children?

Because they cannot drive their kids to school, hence kids will have to go to a school bus.

How do kids in Alaska go to school?

Its called a school building that has teachers in it with parents and buses that take them.