Do penguins become pregnant?


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They lay eggs during pregnancy.

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female penguins do not become pregnant. They lay eggs.

Penguins are lay eggs so are never actually pregnant.

No penguins can be pregnant. So Rockhoppers can't be pregnant because penguins aren't mammals, but they do lay eggs.

Penguins are birds, they dont get pregnant - they lay an egg.

penguins aren't pregnant, they lay eggs.

29% of penguin eggs survive to become penguins

Penguins do not have wombs and do not get pregnant, they are birds, they lay eggs.

They do not get pregnant , Most penguins lay two eggs in a clutch, though the two largest species, Emperor and King Penguins, lay one.

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Penguins are not amphibians; nor have they ever been amphibians. Penguins are birds which happen to feed underwater.

penguins might become more endangered if there is too much heat at the place they live.

Action should be taken to ensure that these Penguins do not become endangered

They are NOT endangered! :) (Yay!) Emperor penguins did become THREATENED due to the polar ice caps melting though.

Penguins might become extinct if gobal warming continue to go on. Gobal warming is causing the ice caps to shink and mostly all penguins live in Antarica.

Impossible. All penguins are the same size.

Penguins lay eggs, they do not get pregnant.

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