Do penguins have fur or feathers?

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Penguins are birds. Like all birds, they have feathers.
Fur or hair is found on mammals.
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Do penguins have feathers?

Yes, penguins do have feathers. They are shiny and uniformlyoverlap to form a dense layer of protection. A Penguin's feathersare highly specialized, They are short, broad, and spaced veryclosely. These attributes help to keep water away from their skin.Penguin feathers also have small tufts of down ( Full Answer )

Do penguins have fur?

no, but penguins do have feathers. They are shiny and uniformly overlap to form a dense layer of protection. A Penguin's feathers are highly specialized, They are short, broad, and spaced very closely. These attributes help to keep water away from their skin. Penguin feathers also have small tufts o ( Full Answer )

What type of feathers do penguins have?

Penguin feathers are tightly packed to help them keep warm. Theyhave about 100 feathers per square inch. They are short andoverlapped. The outer part of the their feathers are waterproof.

Do cormorants have feathers fur or fins?

Cormorants are birds (duck-like seabirds) and therefore have feathers. Even penguins, which use their wings underwater in a similar manner to fins, still have feathers.

Does penguin have feathers?

NO!They Just Have Very Soft Texture And Somewhat Hard Texture...Even Though The Penguin Is Considered A Bird,Even Though It Doean't Flyy!

Do penguins have thick feathers?

Yes, penguins do in fact have thick feathers. These thick feathersare what a penguin uses to glide across the water in such a fastmanner.

Why do baby birds have fur feathers?

Long feathers take up a lot of room, and could not develop in the egg. The baby bird's down is a very efficient insulator, which helps conserve energy that it needs to survive and also for its rapid growth. Once it is of a good size and begins to need the longer feathers, they grow in.

What do penguins have fur?

I thought they didn't have one. Even they have it, you'll either have to believe in god or the theory of Darwin

Do penguins have Fur and Feathers?

Yes they do have fur!!!! If you don't belive this look at the pictures. And Yes penguins have feathers. In Conclusion they have fur and feathers

Is fur and feathers the same thing?

No. Although feathers are made of keratin (like fur) but there are so many different types of feathers (vaned, down, filoplumes), compared to fur. The last of these most resembles fur.

How do you get the golden feather on Club Penguin?

Go to the beacon above the lighthouse it will be there so then go back to the stage for your award The golden feather is ether on the top of the light house or where i found it near the mine and if you find it and you want to know how to get it, walk over it. When you have the golden feather and go ( Full Answer )

Do cats have fur hair or feathers?

Cats are mammals, so they have hair (which is called fur for most mammals) completely covering their bodies that act as protection and for warmth. The only animal that has feathers are birds.

Do owls have fur or feathers?

Owls have feathers. However, when they are young, their feathers are so fuzzy they can seem like fur.

Do penguins have down feathers?

A penguin skin has two layers: a fat layer and a feather layer. The fat layer (also called blubber ) is several centimeters thick and helps penguins in staying warm, even in extreme conditions. . The feather layer is the top layer, and also helps in keeping a penguin warm. It is wind- and waterpr ( Full Answer )

Why are penguins' feathers waterproof?

Penguins' feathers are waterproof for two reasons. 1. To protect against the cold. Their feathers are coated with oil from a gland near the tail to increase the "waterproof" factor. They have a downy underlayer of feathers which traps air against the skin. This layer of air is warmed by the pengu ( Full Answer )

What do penguin feathers feel like?

Penguin feathers are very soft on the back, since they have several layers and for confort they will need to be extra "cushy" which means they're like cushions. On the front however, it is more smooth and oily. Since penguins tobbagan on their bellies it would be very slick and fine :D

When did penguins lost their feathers?

Penguins do have feathers; you just can't see them as well as other birds. Penguin feathers are very thick and tightly woven together to keep out the cold and stay warm in the icy water.

Why have birds feathers and not fur?

birds have feathers and not fur because fur is heavier than feathers and would restrict them from being able to fly

How do you get the feather helmet in club penguin?

Well, each month they hide it somewhere new in the catalog. To find it, move your mouse around the screen. When arrow turns into a hand, click. It may not be the item that you are looking for, but keep trying!

Do adelie penguins have feathers?

Yes, like any other penguins they have feathers to keep them warm when they are looking for fishes in the freezing water.

Why can't penguins fly - feathers?

the wings are too small or because their bodies are upright most off the time makeing it very hard to propel upwards. But the body shape helps with swimming

What coulour are the penguins feathers?

The penguins feathers when they are first born are black and grey but when they are fully grown the feathers are black and white

What is the job of a penguins feather?

to insulate and help them regulate their temperature. it stops their body temperature from dropping as it keeps the water off their skin

Do chickens have fur or feathers or both?

Chickens are birds. . Birds have scales (see legs) . Birds have feathers for covering . Birds incubate their eggs. Mammals are humans, deer, cats, etc. What sets mammals apart from all the other animals are three things: . Mammals have hair . Mammals have live births . Mammals give thei ( Full Answer )

Do Anchovies have feathers fur or fins?

Anchovies are not birds, so they don't have feathers. Anchovies are not mammals, so they don't have fur. Ahchovies are fish, so they do have fins.