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How would Lindsay Lohan reproduce? Sexually.

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Q: Do penguins reproduce sexualy or asexualy?
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Do turtles reproduce sexualy or asexualy?

Turtles reproduce sexually

How do Pompeii worms reproduce?

They can either reproduce sexualy or asexualy.

Do frogs reproduce sexualy or asexualy?

sexual reproduction

Do dogs reproducce sexualy or asexualy?

Dogs reproduce sexually, just like any other mammal.

What are 2 ways that fungi reproduces?

asexualy and sexualy

Do birds reproduse sexualy or asexualy?

Bird species all reproduce sexually. It takes a male sperm to fertizile the female egg that is laid and will hatch into a chick.

How does bursaria reproduce?


Do fish reproduce asexualy?

Fish sexually reproduce.

Did the mollusks reproduce asexualy?

they do not reproduce asexually.they mostly reproduce sexually.

How do roots asexualy reproduce?

they don't

Do ferns reproduce asexualy?

Yes, they do.

Do all plants reproduce asexualy?

No some plants reproduce sexually.