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Do people canoe in the Amazon River?

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Yes they do canoe down the amazon, like helen skelta.

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Can you canoe on the Amazon River?


What do people travel down the Wanganui river in?

In a canoe Im from the wanganui river. they travel in a canoe :)

People travel down the wanganui river in these?


People travel wanganui river in these starting with c?

Some people use a canoe on the Whanganui River.

How do you use the word canoe in a sentence?

I went down the river in my canoe.orI would regularly canoe down the river.

What do people call the Amazon River?

they call the amazon river amazonia

Is a canoe a boat?

A canoe is a boat. It is useually manned by two people with ores rowing on a lake, river, or calm ocean.

People travel down the Wanganui River in these starting with C?


Human use of the Amazon River?

People use the river Amazon for ferry trips

How do you African people use the Amazon River?

The Amazon river is in South American not Africa

In what do the people use to travel down the Wanganui River in New Zealand?


How many people visit the Amazon river?

a lot of people visit the amazon river as it varies each year

When did Canoe River train crash happen?

Canoe River train crash happened on 1950-11-21.

When was Au Sable River Canoe Marathon created?

Au Sable River Canoe Marathon was created in 1947.

How is the Amazon River used?

By people!

What pollutes the Amazon River?


What do people use to travel down the Whanganui river?

A canoe is a popular way of a travelling down the Whanganui/Wanganui River.

What is canoe poling?

Canoe poling uses a pole to propel the canoe. It is usually done on a calm river or stream.

Do people farm near the amazon river?

There are people who farm near the Amazon river. These individuals are identified as "River" people. They make their living from farming, fishing, and hunting along the river's edge.

Why don't people live near the Amazon river?

millions of people live near the Amazon.

What does the people use the Amazon River for?


What are some questions to ask about the Amazon River?

what countries does the amazon river flow through? When did the Amazon river form? Where is the mouth of the river? Where is the amazon river basin located? Where is the Amazon river located? Who was the first person to discover the Amazon river?

Can a canoe be propelled by a river current?


Why is important the Amazon River?

The Amazon river is very important, mainly in Brazil, because it feeds millions of people. It is the world's biggest river on water amount.

How many people travel on the Mississippi River each year?

If you mean how many people try to travel on a canoe on the Mississippi River, no one seems to keep track.