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wheat grows in western Australia, victoria, new south Wales and queensland

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Q: Do people grow wheat in Australia?
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Where in Australia does wheat grow?


What is the life cycle of wheat in Australia?

the lifecycle of wheat in Australia is first u plant it...........then it water it............and then finally it is harvested and it starts to grow again.

What do people in Syria grow?

cotton and wheat

Does wheat grow in Ireland?

Wheat is grown all around the world, especially in Europe, USA, Australia, Russia and China

Where and when did early people first grow wheat and barley?


What did the people in colonial New Jersey grow?


What did people from Russia bring to Australia?

Wheat J III I

Can wheat grow in Michigan?

Yes, wheat does grow in Michigan.

What do most people do for a living in Lithuania?

They grow wheat and other foods.

Does rye grow mold faster then wheat?

Yes it does and alot of people who grow mushrooms use rye grain to grow them on.

Which state in Australia is the only state that uses irrigation to help grow wheat?

the answer is not Queensland but in fact New South Wales

Did wheat grow in Nebraska?

Yes, Wheat did and still does grow in Nebraska.