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Do people have Temple Run?


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Yes, people have Temple Run.


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500,000,000 is the highest you can currently achieve on Temple Run and many people have reached it.

No. Temple run 2 is the newest.

1,000,000,0000,000,000,000,000 in the worl

There isn't a labeled Temple Run 3 but Temple run Oz is basically what I consider it to be.

No, temple run is not released on the 3DS.

Temple Run happened in 2011.

"Imangi"is the company who created temple run

There are many fake temple run apps on the aneroid app store, and there is a fan app for temple run, but the official temple run is supposed to come out soon(march or April)

Temple run 2, temple run 3, subway surfers and jetpack joyride x

yes you can get temple run for s2

Taip download temple run in pc at mediafire.com

270 is the lowest score on temple run.

Of course not you muppet, temple run is amazing.

Go to the app store and type in temple run

Yes. Temple Run is a GREAT GAME!!!

The coins in Temple Run are double coins

Temple Run was created on 2011-08-04.

Temple Run for Android...temple run for android was supposedly sent to the android market on February 9th 2012, though, it was porsponed as the makers of temple run believed it can be improved. Temple run will still be coming to android later in February 2012,Thank youuu!

To come back to life twice in one run in temple run.....

the world record for temple run is 67,702,984 points

go to temple run's facebook page and you'll see a comment on the right side that says download temple run and has the url for temple run click on it and download it

Go to WWW.Google.com and type in download temple run thats the only way you have to download it to play temple run on a computer

No, Temple Run only supports single player games.

First go to android app center.then type temple run on it.click it.then click download.then after few minutes you can play TEMPLE RUN.

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