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People do eat scones in England. People do eat curry in England.

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Q: Do people in England eat scones and curry?
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What unique foods does England eat?

we eat scones and crumpets at tea and we eat these delicios fruit pastries too.

What are popular things british people do?

eat scones ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LOL

Do Zimbabwe people eat curry?

NO! people in Zimbabwe don't eat curry because they think it is just to chili. But they doo it soup BUT JUST NOT CURRY

Does queen Victoria eat scones?

queen Victoria does eat scones

What foods do Guyana people eat?

they eat duck curry/chicken curry/bake&saltfish/

What do you eat in New England on Saturday?

curry but if you prefer a mcdonalds then try that

What do west people eat?


What type of fruits do Scottish people eat?

Scottish people eat the same type of foods as most Western countries, burgers, roast dinners etc. Indian food, especially curry, is very popular along with Chinese food. Scottish people also have foods other countries either don't have or don't usually eat such as Tattie Scones (Potato Scones), Lorne Sausage, Haggis etc.

What do people in indi a do for fun?

eat curry

Do fat people eat curry?

If they want to.

What did people eat in 1692?

curry and poo

What main food do London people eat?