Do people in France hunt for food?


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Probably some people in France hunt for food, just as some do in most countries.

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Yes. They had to hunt to get food.

Yes, they also hunt for fun.

they hunt for their food

Find some food for there family or hunt for the fur trade

you can't hunt in France it is illegal to have a gun in France for anyone

people hunt leopards because of they are good for rugs and food

How did they get food when? Before there were tools? Most people were gatherers. Then they began to hunt. Then farm.

They hunt for their food and get to have popcorn,chips.

They need to hunt for food.

people hunt them and eat them for food

Do or did? Stone Age man did hunt and gather, regardless of where they lived. This included the area that would eventually become France. Hunting and gathering eventually gave way to an agricultural subsistence. Now... do people in France hunt and gather? Modern French only hunt and gather the odd truffle. Other than that it's pretty safe to say no, no they don't hunt and gather.

sailors use to hunt them for food, this is why they became extinct

yes because we could hunt for food like the paleothic people

They hunt their food i think.

They hunt food in the wetlands.

Meerkats do hunt for their food.

yes the stoneage people did hunt in packs because in order to get food you would have to work together

Well some people hunt birds because they are tasty. Some people hunt birds because it has been passed on through generations. And some people hunt birds because they don't want to mess up the food chain.

In Sudan people hunt animals for food, work, or farm.

Most people in Africa hunt for Zebra's because of their "fine fur" Used in homes or clothing ! People also hunt for zebra's in Africa because they hunt for food along with most the other animals in the African dessert

what type of food do the people eat in Dijon france

They hunt for food using echolocation.

penguins hunt for there food in the ocean

People hunt seals for their fur and meat. They get their fur for clothes and the meat for foodFor their fur so that they can make handbags, etc.

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