Do people in northern Ireland have a british accent?

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No they have an Irish accent.
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How did people in northern Ireland respond to the introduction of internment in1971?

The Protestants in Northern Ireland didn't mind much as hardly any Protestants were arrested.. Internment was entirely biased and one-sided, with 98% of all those arrested Catholics. Catholic were 100% opposed to internment and fierce rioting swept the country as British soldier arrived to arrest p ( Full Answer )

Why were British troops sent into Northern Ireland in 1969?

Because there was a break down of law and order in Ireland. Catholics were being treated unfairly and protestants were outnumbering them. There was no talking of this situation in Parliament so the problem would never be solved. The catholics and protestants were on the brink of civil war. Of course ( Full Answer )

Why do British people lose their accents when they sing?

It's a complex issue, not easily explained in print, rather than with vocal examples, but here's a start. Accents show up largely in (1) the rhythms and tempo of speech; (2) voice quality; (3) the "melody" of speech, the musical pitches, a feature known as "intonation." First the matter of intonati ( Full Answer )

When did the british occupy northern Ireland?

The whole of Ireland used to be part of the United Kingdom from 1800-1920. In 1920, the British Government agreed to let Ireland leave, because of the protests and unrest in the country. However, there were more protests among the large Protestant population who wanted to remain part of the United K ( Full Answer )

Where do people live in northern Ireland?

how do you mean? we live all over the place! it's just like any other country! the capital, Belfast and the second town Londonderry would be the two most popular places.

If you are from northern Ireland are you British?

It all depends on your religion and political beliefs: Catholics - tend to be Nationalist/Republican - want Northern Ireland to join the Republic and become united - therefore they say they are Irish. Protestants - tend to be Unionist/Loyalist - want Northern Ireland to remain a part of the Uni ( Full Answer )

Why do british people have accents but Americans don't?

Americans do, in fact, have accents; just not to other Americans from the same area. If you sound different in dialect to someone else, and pronounce words differently than others, then it's likely you have an accent; in this case, everyone in the world has an accent.

What will happen if the british move out from northern Ireland?

What would happen if any one particular nationality moved out of a country....? British people have been living in what is now Northern Ireland for centuries - where would they move out to...? that is like asking where would all the white people in Australia move out to....or where would all the Afr ( Full Answer )

Is Northern Ireland the largest or the smallest part of the British lsles?

The British Isles would include many small islands that are smaller than the area of Northern Ireland. It is part of the island of Ireland. Britain is a larger island than Ireland. In terms of what is known as the United Kingdom, consisting of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Northern ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a 1982 British and Northern Ireland coin set?

A British 1982 (7 coin) Uncirculated Mint Set including the 50 Pence down to a Half Pence including the newly issued 20 Pence coin, might fetch up to £9 GBP. There were 205,000 sets issued. A British 1982 (7 coin) Proof Set including the 50 Pence down to a Half Pence including the newly issued ( Full Answer )

How British is Northern Ireland?

i don't think even 1 percent at all. i know 12 Irish people and not even a single person has very good remarks about English men. yes that's true none out of 12. there y go.... I will answer this question more coherently. The British people in Northern Ireland are not English - English people liv ( Full Answer )

Why are British troops in Northern Ireland?

During the troubles, from 1969 to 1994, they were present due tothe terrorism that was going on and other problems. Since thesigning of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, their numbers havebeen reduced and they are no longer a feature in Northern Ireland.

Do Australian people migrate to northern Ireland?

Australian people do migrate to Northern Ireland and there is a small Australian expat population here, mostly young people on working visas. Australians wishing to live in Northern Ireland are subject to British visa conditions and can also avail themselves of regulations relating to Irish ancestry ( Full Answer )

What are the pecific features of accents in Northern Ireland?

That is a difficult question to answer, without being able to hear the accents. There are many different accents in Northern Ireland. There are hard accents and soft accents. Accents differ in different places, even in local areas. There are also different ways of speaking, and words used in di ( Full Answer )

What religion are the majority of people in northern Ireland?

People always assume that the main religion practised here is protestant, but in fact the last survey that was done showed that 58% of the population was Catholic. It depends which part of Northern Ireland you are in also.

How did the Basque people get from northern Spain to Ireland?

By land the most ancienttimes and by a combination of overland and water routes in lessancient times are the ways that the Basque people got fromnorthern Spain to Ireland. Specifically, the Basque and theIrish are genetically linked through the maternal H and paternalr1b lines. They have a commo ( Full Answer )

What are the occupations of the people of Northern Ireland?

Miscellaneous bits and pieces of light industry, plus a lot of Government work. The great old industries (ships (H&W), engineering (Scirocco), linen (Ewart, Brookfield, Edenderry), rope (Belfast ropeworks), shirts (Tyrone) have all long gone.

How many people have been killed by soldiers in northern Ireland?

Between 1969 and December 2001 some 363 people had been killed by the British security services. Of these deaths 297 were committed by the British Army. The others were committed by the RUC (police force) the UDR (an auxiallary regiment of the British Army) and other services.

Are people from Northern Ireland called Irish?

Yes. Even though Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, politically, the people there are still Irish. . No. . It's quite complicated and has a lot to do with your upbringing and the area and community you come from, but the lines are much more blurred than they have been in the past. . ( Full Answer )

Do British people make fun of Americans in American accents?

Yes, as there are people everywhere that immitate countrys accents and make fun of them. Answer The British have a long history of poking fun at almost everything. For an allegedly pompous race they have a remarkable sense of humour, much funnier than American slapstick. The British, unlike Amer ( Full Answer )

Can British People Fake An American Accent?

Of course. There are certain languages that make a person more adequate to do other languages accents but yes they can. Take the example of Hugh Laurie. He is the actor that plays Dr. House in the homonym show. He's British. You can also check his British accent in the Stuart Little movies. He plays ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a 1970 British Northern Ireland proof set?

I suspect that you are asking about the 1970 British Proof set - the maroon cardboard cover is labeled "Coinage of Great Britain" on the top line, "and Northern Ireland" on the bottom line and "LSD" [it should actually be "£sd", the symbols for Pounds, Shillings and Pence] and "1970" in the middl ( Full Answer )

Why don't the major British parties campaign in Northern Ireland?

They actually do, contrary to popular belief. The Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrat Party both campaign for seats in Northern Ireland. The Labour Party does not, due to a legal technicality. It is simply the case that Northern Irish voters prefer the Northern Irish parties.

Why do British people think Americans have accents?

Americans do have accents, British people do have accents. When one has a different way of speaking than another then it is noticed. When a British person hears an American person speaking, the American does have an accent to the Brit. Answer Everyone has an accent! That's how British people ( Full Answer )

When did British army leave Northern Ireland?

The British army never fully left Northern Ireland. It ceased its military operations there on the 1st of August, 2007 when they handed over responsibility for the security of the jurisdiction to the civilian police force, the PNSI. There are still troops in Northern Ireland as it is officially part ( Full Answer )

Why don't the British leave Northern Ireland?

Because many Northern Ireland citizens are 'The British' too, as Northern Ireland is part of the UK. While of course many other Northern Irish citizens do oppose this, it is hard to imagine what 'the British' leaving would entail. Would it mean relocating those Irish citizens who want Northern Ire ( Full Answer )

Do British people think in a British accent?

Well what nationality are you? do you think in your accent? Ifso, you've already answered your own question. . +++ . -) Not just accent - local dialect, too!

Are british people born with accents?

we're born making baby noises that resemble the sounds around us, when we start to make longer sounds that resemble words and also resemble details of pronunciation that we've heard and the accent begins.

Where do people speak with a British accent?

There is actually no such thing as a British accent. There is an English accent, a Scottish accent, an Irish accent, or a Welsh accent.  These are generally spoken within their own countries (English in England, Scottish in Scotland, etc.). However, people all over the world may have a breed of a ( Full Answer )

When did the british get involved with northern Ireland?

There are a number of ways of looking at that. Technically, Northern Ireland has only existed since 1922, and Britain has been involved since then. Going further back, British involvement in Ireland can be traced back to 1169, so it could be said to have started then. There have also been many other ( Full Answer )

Why Northern Ireland as part of British empire and not Ireland?

All of Ireland was part of the British empire. In 1922 what is now the Republic of Ireland became independent and what is now Northern Ireland chose to remain part of the United Kingdom. All of Ireland was part of the British empire. In 1922 what is now the Republic of Ireland became independent ( Full Answer )

Why do more British live in Northern Ireland?

When Ireland was apart of Britain, Queen Elizabeth I gave land to her protestant people in Ireland. The majority of landowners in on the deal were in Ulster. This was known as 'the plantation'. Therefore the Ulster province has always been historically protestant and furthermore loyal to the Crown/A ( Full Answer )

What accent do people from the south of Ireland have?

People in the south of Ireland have different accents. There is notone single accent. Like anywhere in the world, different areas havedifferent accents, even when those areas are close together. Sothere are lots of different accents in the south of Ireland,depending on where exactly you are.

How did Northern Ireland come under British rule?

All of Ireland became part of the United Kingdom in 1801. In 1922 a treaty was signed where 26 counties of Ireland became independent and 6 counties stayed part of the United Kingdom. Those 6 counties are together called Northern Ireland and the 26 counties are known as the Republic of Ireland. So N ( Full Answer )

Do British include people from Ireland?

No. Britain is an island consisting of the three countries, England, Wales and Scotland. Ireland is a separate island. There are many Irish people living in Britain and many British people living in Ireland, as they are neighbouring islands.