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No. Of all the thick gases, far from the sun, reaches below -300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thick gases:



And some others.

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Can people live on Neptune?


Why cant people live in Neptune?

People can not live in Neptune because it is far planet from sun where the temperature is minus always and no life is possible.

How many people live in Neptune?


Can people live on neptune and why or why not?

No, because it is very cold.

Would you visit Neptune?

No, Neptune is not inhabited for a reason, why visit it. People are suppose to live on Earth and that is OK.

Is there enough water on Neptune to live?

You really can't live on Neptune, since it is so far away from the Sun. And since it has No air, it's not right to live there. Many people believe Neptune does not have any water. So, the answer is no.

Does anyone live on Neptune?

No, no one can live on Neptune

Why not people live on Neptune?

1. neptune dont have a solild surface 2. the temp on neptune is 212 degrees celcius below zero 3. the winds on neptune are 2,000 KM/h !

Why cant people live on Neptune?

people cant live on Neptune because it's made up of gas and this gas called methane and it's really dangerous to be near it if you are near it your going to die.

What lives on Neptune?

hot and sexy people? really?OTHING LIVES ON NEPTUNE ! and my mom said i live on pluto because im sweet an nice WE ARE TALKING ABOUT NEPTUNE NOT PLUTO!!

Do scientist believe people can live on Neptune?

No, scientists do not believe that people could live there. There are many reasons why Neptune is inhospitable to human life such as the immense crushing gravity, the lack of solid surface, and the toxic, freezing atmosphere.

Why cant a human live on Neptune?

Because it's way too cold and people can barely live in Antarctica let alone Neptune, imagine 1,000 degrees below zero.

Are there aliens in Neptune?

yes,aliens live on neptune

Can you live on Neptune?


Can there be life on Neptune?

no because neptune is too cold to live on

Can we live on Neptune?

No. Neptune does not have a solid surface and is extremely cold.

Will you be able to grow food on Neptune?

Since the planet Neptune is a gas giant, it is not a hospitable place for growing food, and I greatly doubt that anyone will ever live there or grow food there, however, the moons of Neptune, which are still not easy places to live, are nonetheless much easier places to live than Neptune, and perhaps people will some day live there and grow food there. Although even that is unlikely.

Where does Roman god Neptune live?

Neptune was the roman god of the sea.

What did Neptune the Roman god live in?

Neptune (or Poseidon) was God of the Sea.

Can humans live on Neptune?


What can live on the planet Neptune?

Nothing that we know of can live on Neptune. Use the link below to the related question and see why.

Could humans survive in Neptune?

yes humans could live on Neptune. No they cant Neptune is a gas planet

Can aliens live on Neptune?

the only way for aliens to live on Neptune is they have to be able to survive on a planet like neptune. it wouldn't be a very good choice unless the could live on a freezing and mostly gas planet.

Can a person live on Neptune?

no, it is physically impossible for a human to be able to survive on Neptune

What have scientists learned about Neptune?

they have leaned that you cant live on neptune because there is no water

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