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Q: Do people sleep longer after extended periods of sleep deprivation?
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How do you use a acculturation in a sentence?

People who travel to foreign lands and spend extended periods of time there, are likely to engage in the process of acculturation.

Can long-term sleep deprivation cause periods of huge increases in your pulse rate?

Yes. Palpitations are not uncommon in sleep deprived people, even in the short term. Sleep is one of the most important thing a human being does, even if they don't outwardly achieve anything with it. Sleep deprivation is bad!

What foods allowed the Archaic people to stay in one place for longer periods of time?


What does wear you out mean?

If something wears you out, then it makes you tired. For example, running a marathon would wear most people out. Listening to people talk for extended periods of time wears me out.

What kinds of damage to a persons body can be due to sleep deprivation?

Sleep deprivation can cause people to lose their sense of coordination and blurred vision.

What were the Vietnam soldiers relationships with people back home?

As was, and still is, the situation in which husbands are absent for extended periods of time, can cause personal difficulties at home (family). This has been true for all absences, whether they be for military reasons, extended civilian business trips, extended medical reasons, or extended pleasure vacations...absences for too LONG of periods can cause a possible "break" down of the marriage. These same effects applied to returning Vietnam War servicemen too.

Does herbicide kill people?

long term effects include infertility and cancer in some herbicides and inhaling the fumes for extended periods may cause a lung infection

When people may be able to afford basic necessities but still are unable to maintain an average standard of living is this relative poverty and deprivation or absolute poverty and deprivation?

it is relative poverty and deprivation as they are able to afford basic needs

What are the affects on people and property from floods?

Flooding causes widespread displacement of people and organisms living in the area. Properties are often flooded for extended periods causing the degradation of infrastructure and loss of homes and businesses.

How many people can live on the international space station?

The International Space Station is designed so that six people can live there for an extended period of time. The Space Station has held as many as 10 people for shorter time periods.

Why do people often overestimate the clarity of their intentions in their emails?

relative deprivation

Can sleep deprivation cause sleep walking?

In people prone to sleep walking, sleep disturbance, including sleep deprivation, can make sleep walking more likely.