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Yes they do that is a silly question

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Why do people live near rivers?

People live near rivers because rivers provide them with fresh water to drink and bathe in, and they get fish from the water too. They also use rivers for transportation and to grow crops.People live near rivers because rivers provide them with fresh water to drink and bathe in, and they get fish from the water too. They also use rivers for transportation and to grow crops.

How did people use rivers along the Fall Line?

they used the water

How did the people of Mesopotamia use the rivers?

The rivers were used for fishing, transportation, baths, and drinking water. Also for trading.

How do people use the Mekong River?

They fish in the rivers and use the water for many showering, cooking and such

Why do people drink water from rivers?

people use to drink river water because in poor country many of them drink .If they don't they will die.But in American many people use to drink fresh water.

How do people affect rivers?

There are many ways in which people affect rivers. Pollutants that fill rivers are caused by people disposing of their trash and wash irresponsibly. The water levels are being depleted because of human factories that use the water for cooling purposes, and acid rain that fills the rivers is caused by pollutants that are put in the air by people.

What are the 10 benefits of rivers?

We can filter the water from rivers and use it.

What are some basic use for a river?

Basically they use rivers to get water for the people to drink. Or it is the lovely ecosystems of fishes.

How did the Mayan people make use of the geography of their region?

Mayan people made use of geography of their region by digging canals that carried water from the rivers to where they wanted the water to go

What did people in Mesopotamia use to water land?

Rivers, creeks, dams, canals and irrigation ditches.

What would happen if there were no rivers?

If there were no rivers, it would be difficult to supply people with enough clean drinking water. Almost all the drinking water we use comes either directly or indirectly from rivers. There would also be a loss of fish and wildlife, as well as transportation for many industries that use rivers to move their products.

How does water pollution affect your lifestyle?

Water pollution affects lifestyles of people in many ways. Some people live next to rivers and use the river water for washing and cooking. If a factory nearby has chemicals spilled into the rivers, it could result in the deaths of those people.

How do Africa's four major rivers affect the lives of its people?

Africas 4 major rivers affect the lives of the people around it because they can bathe, get drinking water, and use it for transportation.

How did the people in Mexico use the water?

They extracted it from rivers and ground wells and used canals to irrigate crops.

How you use water?

sdfhkasldhfksd water pumps lakes rivers

What moderntechnology do people use live along rivers today?

people who live along the rivers use there hands and clothes

How do people use rivers?

People use rivers in all sorts of ways, including; Irrigation (Watering, in huge masses) White Water Rafting Fishing Swimming Canoeing Meditating Sailing Hydro-electric Power But also rivers can be used in bad ways, such as sewage dumping!

What is the money that belgium people use?


How do leisure people use rivers?

I do

What are the human uses of a river?

Humans use rivers for a variety of causes:To produce hydroelectricity.People living near rivers use the water for domestic as well as agricultural needs.Human dispose chemicals and other effluents into rivers.For wastewater disposal.

What are 3 different ways people use rivers?

fishing swimming sailing farming giving water to houses

Who uses rivers?

Governments use rivers to clean it by putting the water into the "Water Treatment Plant." After they clean the water they put in your house to drink.

What did the Romans use to carry water a long distance?

they didnt they used rivers along rivers

How are rivers useful to people in their lives?

They use the water to bath, to drink, to cook, for transportation, for power and many more uses.

What can people use rivers to generate?